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Pharmaceutical incinerators

Safely destroy a wide range of clinical waste at source and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Traces of pharmaceutical by-products are now shown to be found in surface, ground, and drinking waters around the world.

This could create some potentially damaging environmental effects for future generations and affect the health of millions of people.

Minuscule concentrations of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors, often found in pharmaceuticals, are having detrimental effects on aquatic animals and possibly on human health and development.

Why Incinerate Medicines?

Incineration in specialised medical incinerators is the recommended process suggested by most health and monitoring organisations (e.g. WHO, DEA, UN).

It is seen as the best way to destroy intravenous (IV) preparations, partially used vials, syringes, and IVs, discontinued, unused preparations, unused unit dose repacks, patients’ personal medications and outdated pharmaceuticals.

All waste should be segregated appropriately BEFORE it is incinerated to ensure you comply to local guidelines.

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Common Pharmaceutical Waste Types

    • Unused medication
    • Expired prescription pharmaceuticals
    • Home-use personal care products
    • Over the counter medications
    • Unused vaccines
    • Out of date vaccines
    • Out of date testing kits
    • Expire base chemicals

Suitable for pharmaceutical waste

Just some of our range used for the incineration of pharmaceutical waste

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Why choose a Pharmaceutical Incinerator from Inciner8?

INCINER8 are a globally respected manufacturing organisation offering a range of Incinerators for all applications in the waste management industry. Our products are specifically designed with clean air incineration at the forefront of our product development.

We are the number one provider for Pharmaceutical Waste incinerators. See our brand new video where we highlight the impact of incorrectly disposing of Pharmaceutical Waste and why incineration is the preferred method of disposal.

For more information on how our Incinerators can help your organisation with its pharmaceutical waste streams

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