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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

Veterinary Practices produce a large amount of waste carrying out everyday tasks such as surgeries, dental procedures, and routine vaccinations.

Veterinary waste consists of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials.
vet incinerators

Why would a veterinary pratice need an incinerator?

Our range of veterinary incinerators allow the correct and safe disposal of waste while maintaining the well-being of animals in your care.

Vets create considerable volumes of waste that can be classified as bio-medical waste. This should be disposed of via incineration (or a 3rd party company will come and collect your waste and then take it for incineration). Along with this are many other types of waste that are currently disposed of via normal waste collection. Investing in an incinerator would allow you to safely destroy most of your waste on site*.

*- This isn’t suitable for vets in built-up urban areas as the local authorities may object to its location.

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Types of waste found in veterinary clinics:

Medical Waste

  • Used bandages, needles, syringes
  • Used scalpels and blades
  • Expired and unused medicines/vaccines
  • Biological waste (body parts, blood etc.)

Animal Waste

  • Soiled bedding
  • Body fluids
  • Organs, tissues, and body parts
  • Animal Carcasses

Larger Capacity Systems for Farm & Equine Vets

If you are a farm animal veterinary practice or specilaising in equine – dealing with large animals is part of daily life. We identified this and built a model and acceosries to make you life that little bit easier.

Newly released in 2020 the i8-500 model has been designed to accomodate entire horses, cattle annd other large farm animals in its oversized combustion chamber. To enable easy operation we have also developed a dedicated loader for larger animals (as shown). This accesry can also be used on our i8-700A and i8-1000A models

Need a Portable Incinerator?

Most of our models can be mounted on trailers, containers or be skid-mounted. Our range of mobile incinerators allow for rapid disposal of animal waste, across wide areas with reduced risk of cross contamination.

Our animal incinerator range is also suitable for kennels and catteries needing to dispose of their animal related waste.