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Waste management solutions for the pet cremation industry, whether that be established businesses or new startups with this growing sector.

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More than half of the population in the Uk own pets, last year alone pet lovers spent 7.9 billion on their beloved animals. This market is not only an area of considerable growth but an area where cremation business and making profits and being able to grow their businesses at unbelievable rates.

Pet Cremation Incinerators

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Pet Cremation Market Information

Pet cremation is a fast-growing market due to the huge increase in pet ownership within the last number of years. More than half the population in the Uk own pets, with 26% owning dogs and 24% owning cats. Just these two animals alone add up to over 20 million family pets, this doesnt yet including the likes of hamsters, rabbits, birds, fish and reptiles. It is therefore easy to see why this sector is growing so rapidly and where the money can be made.

Why choose an Incinerator from INCINER8?

With over a decade in the pet cremation industry, we have delivered numerous solutions all across the globe. We have extensive research and development with our pet cremation products that have allowed us to push combustion technology to the forefront of our designs. All our pet cremation units are DEFRA approved and are available with full data monitoring capabilities.

Why choose our models over others?

Our per cremation systems have been specifically designed to excel within this industry. They have been designed with the operator in mind, this means easy operation and loading capabilities as well as a convenient and simple ash removal process. Our systems have been successfully installed all across the globe with huge success, it is easy to see why we are the number one pet cremation supplier in the world.