Medical incinerator range

Our Medical range is specifically designed for medical/pharmaceutical, hazardous and hospital waste management. Capable of disposing of most types of pathological & medical waste.

These award winning incinerators are used by NGO's and governments as disposal solutions for most types of medical waste. To find an incinerator for a specific type of medical waste, visit our medical waste management page.

  • DSC 0065cut out


    I8-M15 medical waste incinerator is our smallest and most compact solution.

    • Hospital waste
  • NO Pi8 M20 2


    I8-M20 model is an advanced small scale medical incinerator.

    • Hospital waste
  • NO Pi8 M40 1


    I8-M40 model is a small scale incinerator giving you plenty of options.

    • Hospital waste
  • NO Pi8 M50 1


    The I8-M50 model is a mid range medical incinerator that is often specified as a mobile system.

    • Hospital waste
  • Cutout


    I8-M70 model is a mid range medical incinerator featuring quality design and engineering.

    • Hospital waste
  • IMG 20201015 111937 Recoveredcutout


    I8-M80 incinerator is specially designed for medical waste. Front loading design with integrated fuel tank.

    • Hospital waste
  • NO Pi8 M100 1 2


    I8-M100 model is a high performance, large scale incinerator.

    • Hospital waste
  • DSC 0957cut out


    I8-M120 incinerator is specially designed for medical waste

    • Hospital waste
  • NO Pi8 M 200 1


    I8-M200 model is an entry-level large scale incinerator that will consistently perform for you.

    • Hospital waste
  • Nop250


    I8-M250 model is the first of our larger models with the internal capacity to handle larger batches of waste per operation.

    • Hospital waste
  • Nop500incinerator trans


    I8-M500 model is amongst our largest incinerators.

    • Hospital waste
  • NO Pi8 M 700 1


    I8-M700 model is the second largest incinerator in our range.

    • Hospital waste
  • I8 M1000 1 MED


    The i8-M1000 is ground-breaking on many levels.

    • Hospital waste