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Camp Waste

We support a wealth of NGO's and international charities to help deliver their end goal of making the world a better place for all by helping communities in need.

Inciner8 supply a wide range of incineration solutions to locations across the globe for numerous humanitarian and charitable organisations.

Incineration solutions for NGO's & charities

With decades of experience and partnerships, we can walk you through the whole process and even make bespoke systems to meet your exact requirements. We are dedicated to producing solutions that will help achieve your waste management goals in an efficient way.

We offer incinerators that are perfect for small health clinics and communities and portable containerised units that well-suited to emergency camp situations. Some of our solutions deal with hundreds of kilos of waste per day.

Our extensive range offers a choice of configuration options so you can get the perfect system for your needs. We are committed to a future where waste is managed correctly and dealt with safely and effectively to reduce risks to the environment and human life. Our waste solutions have been successfully used throughout the world so you can be assured our award-winning equipment will outperform your expectations.

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