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Global Leaders of Waste Incinerators for the Medical, Agricultural & Municipal Sectors.

We specialise in the design & manufacture of standard and specialist incinerators for a broad array of waste streams.

Providing you with a CLEAN, SAFE and BIO-SECURE method for disposing of your waste.

Welcome/ Bienvenue/ هلاً وسهلاً'/ Bienvenido!

As the CEO of Inciner8 Limited, I want to extend a warm welcome to you all. We are honoured you have chosen to take a closer look at a fresh start for waste management with our Incineration systems and are committed to providing you with the best quality solution possible. If you have any questions, need assistance, or have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of incinerator experts.

Thank you for choosing Inciner8.

Darren Spencer, CEO
Inciner8 Limited

Compact Control

A fast fresh start awaits …

Waste Warrior

Tackle tons of waste daily with our pioneering i8-1000 Full Line System paired with the most advanced pollution control system on the market

Waste to Energy

Harness thermal energy to power up your property

Plug-in and Play

Complete, Safe & Secure


Pollution Control Technology

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Great Yorkshire Show 2024

Find us at the Great Yorkshire Show 2024 9th July – 12th July 2024 Join Inciner8 at the prestigious Great Yorkshire Show 2024 in Harrogate, Yorkshire, where we’ll be showcasing…

“We have worked with peace-keeping missions across the globe, where our engineers have travelled to camps worldwide installing incinerators. We have an in-depth understanding of the complexities at play in the formation of temporary operating bases. Incinerators were designed and built using MOD-specified materials, allowing field soldiers to replace and repair parts when needed using the limited supplies available on site.”

MoD Portable Incinerator Project

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