Health Clinic Incinerators

Our Clinical Waste Incinerators are considered the best and safest way to process hazardous materials discarded by healthcare clinics and centres.

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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

Clinical waste is costing more and more to dispose of every year. Health Clinics and Health centres can now easily handle their own waste streams by using one of our specialist medical incinerators.

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“This process is easy, efficient and can save huge amounts of money when compared to waste collection.

It is important that any type of hazardous waste is destroyed at its source. This is not only the most effective way of handling the waste but it limits the potential spread of diseases or viruses.

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Clinical Waste Types Suitable for Incineration

All our medical incinerators have been designed to process most types of clinical & pathological waste. They can achieve this due to the secondary chamber with its 2 second retention period and the high temperatures it achieves.

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Clinical Waste Incinerators

Years of Incineration Experience

We’ve been at the forefront of medical and hazardous waste destruction for nearly two decades, we specialise in the efficient design of medical waste incinerators – complete with a host of advanced technological enhancements.

With decades of knowledge in this sector, our healthcare range of medical incinerators are designed to cater for the specialized requirements of health clinics, smaller medical centres and even large hospital facilities during their internal waste management processes.

Why choose a clinical incinerator from INCINER8?

All of our incinerators feature best-in-class safety features, designed to protect operators and improve efficiency & performance. These include full expert support, auto-loading options and pre-set programmes for specific waste streams.

We can deliver and install our medical waste incinerators all around the world. All our systems come with one year/1,000 burn hours warranty as standard and extensive after-sales support.