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Agricultural Incinerators Range

Animal diseases, viruses and the spread of infection are just some of the risks associated with poor animal waste treatment. Disposal of agricultural & animal waste through incineration is the best way to ensure complete biosecurity.

i8-700A agricultural incinerator

How do you dispose of animal carcasses?

Incineration is seen as the most efficient process for risk reduction in animal carcass removal and waste management, and DEFRA approved models are ideal for use in this process. Incineration on-site reduces the risks of contamination and is seen as one of the most affordable biosecurity options available, providing an easy way to remove waste and keep a farm or animal facility clean and healthy.

What is a DEFRA approved Incinerator

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

For an incinerator to be used within the UK, it must be listed on the DEFRA ‘Approved ABP Incinerator List’. If you’re only incinerating animal by-products (ABPs) and not a mix of ABPs and other materials, you must get Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) approval. Full details of the application process can be found on the DEFRA website.

APHA Incineration Application Guide

Why choose a Agricultural Incinerator from Inciner8?

If you need a reliable, proven and efficient animal incinerator, our range will have a model that will meet your waste needs and exceed your expectations. Plus:

  • Most of our models are DEFRA type approved units for animal and animal by-product incineration.
  • All our incinerators are supplied tested and backed by our one-year warranty.
  • We manufacture your bespoke machine at our Merseyside, UK headquarters.
  • Expertly trained team of installers.