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The Inciner8 Cremulator (i8-CR2) has been designed as a medium-sized cremulator. Featuring a larger loading vessel and stronger motor, the i8-CR2 is designed to process animal remains once the cremation process has been fully completed.

It is used to make the results more visually appealing to the pet’s owner. The i8-CR2 is easy to operate and simple to maintain with a raft of safety features normally seen on more expensive equipment.

The i8-CR2 can be used with any of our pet crematoriums such as the i8-PC1, i8-PC2 and i8-500. Its large loading vessel means it is versatile enough for most small to medium-sized operations.

The i8-CR2 features a 6-litre ash container made from thick steel and featuring dustproof seals that eliminate any leakage when processing any remains. It is also fitted with a 1.5KWh motor designed to process any bone remains quickly and easily into fine ash needed for a professional cremation finish.

This process is completed within a 30 second process, it can then be unloaded by the uniquely designed pivot system for an easy removal process that minimises the risk of any ash remains dispersing.

Cremulator Specifications

Ash container: 6 ltr
Material: Stainless steel
Motor: 1.5kWh
Cycle time: 30 seconds
Made in Britain

Hand-built in the UK

All our incinerators are hand-built in the UK by time-served welders and fabricators. Our award-winning design team are always on hand to offer their advice and technical know-how to ensure we get your project off the ground without delay.

We can also assist you in the preparation for your planning or permit application where required.

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