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At Inciner8 we offer a range of bin tippers suited to almost every application. Many off the shelf tipping systems are not suitable as they rely on plastic bins and other components that might be subjected to high temperatures.


The MegaDumper is based on the proven design of the Simpro Dumpmaster, and is probably the safest, most reliable and easy-to-use industrial tipper available. Originally designed for emptying 660L and 1100L MGBs weighing up to 600kg, the MegaDumper can be customised to tip almost any container at heights beyond ten metres. Floor space requirements do not change regardless of tipping height, since the weight of the bin remains within the floor footprint at all times.

Sumo Uni-Lift

The Sumo Uni-Lift-1 is one of the most robust and flexible mobile tipping device on the market, designed to be used on site and in rough terrain. The machine is fitted with 200mm wheels with pneumatic tyres and has a very low centre of gravity so making it very stable whilst manoeuvering the machine into position.

The machine is controlled via a unique 3 button electronic control which is mounted onto the control arm, this is interlocked so that the hydraulics cannot be activated whilst the machine is being moved into position. The electronic control incorporates a battery strength monitor, the on/off control, and the independent control for the mast raise / lower and tip functions.

Made in Britain

Hand-built in the UK

All our incinerators are hand-built in the UK by time-served welders and fabricators. Our award-winning design team are always on hand to offer their advice and technical know-how to ensure we get your project off the ground without delay.

We can also assist you in the preparation for your planning or permit application where required.

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