We care about Sustainability

Environmental Impact

Inciner8 prioritises its environmental responsibilities.

Lean manufacturing processes are adopted to save time and money, lower energy use and reduce waste. Ensuring the products made are cleaner and greener is of critical importance to Inciner8. Inciner8 made a strategic decision in 2021 that the business should be at the forefront of clean-burn incineration. During this period, the company developed all-new Pollution Control Systems (PCS) that actively dissipate potentially harmful gases and toxins.

Inciner8 operates a policy of continuous product development with a goal of reducing customers’ carbon footprint and ESG performance – advancements that have become increasingly pivotal to business growth.


 Inciner8 strives to go further for the communities it operates in across the world. During the pandemic, the business took the decision to buy a large stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from a supplier in Merseyside to be donated to those who needed it.


Following nominations from staff, the 7,000 visors and PPE were given to local care homes and care workers, a hospital and prison, where workers were struggling to protect themselves when stocks were low.


The business also works with national knife crime-fighting charity Steel Warriors, which takes knives off the streets. Knives seized or surrendered via amnesty are melted down by Inciner8 and the steel used to create outdoor gyms, aimed at keeping young people off the streets.


 Aside from these efforts, Inciner8’s products themselves play a vital role in protecting people and the places around them. Quickly deployed products during crises such as Ebola and Covid-19 have been key in preventing infection risks, while incinerators have also been provided to dispose of narcotics seized from drug cartels, thereby protecting communities. It is also supporting the fight against plastic pollution by helping remote island communities tackle ocean waste. 


Why Inciner8?

–          Energy. We support many countries in harnessing thermal energy to power facilities and functions. Many countries have now poured significant resources into             determining the value of waste materials as a fuel feedstock.

–           Efficiency. Incineration can reduce the amount of waste that must be diverted to landfills by as much as 95%, it’s an efficient method of dealing with the issue.              It also eliminates the need to transport the waste to central processing centres which can be few and far between, cutting down on the emissions involved in                  waste logistics.

–           Space. In remote locations where space is limited, there is simply no room to store waste in landfills. Incineration resolves the problem here through almost                  complete elimination of the waste. The 5% ash by-product can then be repurposed into construction material for laying roads for example.

–           Methane. Landfills produce masses of highly explosive methane – a toxic greenhouse gas and driver for negative climate change.

–           Hazardous. Not all waste can be recycled or sent to landfills, examples include Persistent Organic Pollutants and bio-hazardous waste.



 Incinerators made by Inciner8 incorporate pioneering clean air technology to ensure customers meet their environmental goals, at the same time as meeting their requirements. The pollution control systems capture all the gases, soot and entrained solids emitted by the incinerators, processing them to meet European regulations. 

There is also continual emissions monitoring (CEMS), which can be installed before or after the commissioning of the incinerator, enabling customers to track and evidence environmental performance. 



Clean air incineration