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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

Bespoke Incinerator Solutions for All Waste Streams

Inciner8 provides a diverse range of incinerator solutions for efficiently disposing of all forms of waste whilst adhering to environmental regulations. Read on to learn why our incinerators offer the best thermal treatment systems.

I8-M120 medical incinerator

Looking for Reliable Incineration?

Are you searching for an efficient incinerator that complies with legislation? As a leading UK manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience supplying specialist incineration systems, Inciner8 offers perfectly tailored solutions.

What is Special About Inciner8’s Product Range?

We design and build an unparalleled range of high-temperature incinerators for various waste streams. Our machines thermally process municipal, medical waste, agricultural waste and general waste, while monitoring emissions to ensure compliance.

How Do Inciner8 Systems Safely Dispose of Hazardous Waste?

Utilising the latest combustion and filtration techniques, our incinerators can safely process clinical, pharmaceutical and chemical waste. With temperature-controlled primary and secondary chambers, Inciner8 machines provide total waste disposal and adhere to EU regulations.

Why Choose Inciner8 for Your Waste Incineration Needs?

As industry specialists supplying bespoke incinerators, Inciner8 provides perfectly tailored waste solutions to suit your exact requirements. From small mobile units to large-scale waste management systems, our product range offers unmatched incineration capabilities built to last.

Sheep Incinerator

Looking for Mobile or Static Incinerators?

With extensive experience designing both static and mobile incinerators, our team can recommend the ideal incinerators to meet your needs. Our mobile systems allow for in-situ processing, whilst our static incinerators offer permanent onsite treatment capabilities.

Who Uses Inciner8 Industrial and Commercial Incinerators?

We supply thermal treatment solutions to various clients including manufacturers, waste contractors, local authorities, agricultural businesses and temporary camps. Our vast incinerator range caters for diverse sectors like automotive, chemical, food production and pharmaceutical industries.


What Support Do Inciner8 Offer?

As your incineration partner, we provide full in-house design, manufacture, maintenance and training services. Our team of engineers ensures optimal incinerator performance and environmental compliance from the outset. When outsourcing incineration, rely on Inciner8’s complete turnkey solutions.

Why Incinerate Waste with Inciner8?

With decades of experience delivering specialist incineration systems, our technical expertise enables us to provide the perfect waste incinerator solution for every unique situation. 

Contact Inciner8 today to discuss your requirements with our team. We look forward to designing your thermal treatment solution.

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