Mining Incinerators

Designed and manufactured in Britain to ISO 9001 accredited quality assurance standards, Inciner8’s mining and oil & gas exploration incinerators won awards for both Innovation and international trade.

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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

As we prospect for natural resources in increasingly remote locations, managing waste from mining and exploration activities has become very challenging.

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Expertise in incineration for mining and exploration

We have leveraged our industry-leading expertise in incineration technology to develop a range specifically designed for the harsh environments, remote locations and transitory activities of mining and oil & gas exploration.

Offering an effective and efficient solution for disposing of waste on site, even in the most remote of locations, the Inciner8 range of incinerators for mining and oil & gas exploration offer a mobile solution without compromising on performance. As a result, they play an important role in environmental strategies, protecting both the locations in which you operate, and your reputation.

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Waste management compliance for mining and exploration

The EU 2006/21/EC Directive requires companies to implement robust waste management protocols that ensure ‘short and long-term safe disposal of the extractive waste’. Alongside your environmental policy, CSR commitment and reputation, compliance is also a key factor in determining an appropriate waste management strategy for your mining or prospecting operations.

Typical waste generated from mining and exploration camps, includes food waste, wood, plastics, cardboard and paper, all of which are safe to incinerate.

A mobile incinerator from Inciner8 can destroy the waste created by mining and exploration sites. Much safer and more environmentally responsible than burning waste in the open, and more cost-effective than the logistically-challenging practice of collecting waste from remote locations, our incinerators combine full compliance with convenience and practicality.


Which mining incinerator solution is right for you?

We can advise you on the right model and solution to meet your needs with three mobile options to choose from:

Trailer Mounted – suitable for more compact incinerators, our trailers are rated to carry up to 2700kg, enabling you to carry extra items of equipment. The chassis, framework and panels are galvanised, and the trailer is fitted with commercial-rated tyres for maximum durability.

On-Skid Mounted – larger incinerators can be skid-mounted complete with fuel tanks and a generator. Lifting points enable easy off-loading, or the incinerator can be operated on the truck trailer.

Containerised – many of our incinerators can be installed inside a 20ft container, allowing the system to be deployed in the required location with one lift. Containerisation provides an ideal solution for harsh environments and many of our containerised systems have an integrated fuel tank, generator and control panel for easy set-up and operation.

Why choose Inciner8 for your mining or exploration site waste?

The Inciner8 range enables you to dispose of a wide range of waste safely and efficiently, while minimising the environmental impact of your mining or oil & gas exploration activities. From the general ‘household’ waste produced by your team, through to scrap wood and plastic, slag, tailings, sludge and oil-soaked rags, our incinerators deliver a practical solution.

Our mobile incineration units can be sited wherever you need them and are designed for resilience in harsh environments, ensuring efficient performance over an extended service life.