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Medical Incinerator

Our Medical range is specifically designed for medical/pharmaceutical, hazardous and hospital waste management. Capable of disposing of type IV pathological waste and all medical waste.

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Animal Incinerator

Our animal waste incinerators have a variety of uses, they are DEFRA approved units which meet the EU and UK ABPR regulations for safe destruction of animal and poultry by-products.

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General Waste Incinerator

We have the wide range of models suitable for general & municipal waste management. Including the facility to treat all waste streams both cleanly and efficiently.

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Inciner8 incinerators achieve clean air emissions from waste destruction.

We have been revolutionary in perfecting this technique and continue to do so. Now with our latest innovations in waste to energy and heat recovery markets we are the leading incinerator manufacturer from the uk.

Our primary business is the supply of thermal treatment solutions:

  • Renewable energy, Waste to Energy and Recycling.
  • Innovator to the Global Waste Management Market.
  • The “Go To” Manufacturer for the Global Aid Organisations.
  • World class Animal, Industrial, and Medical incineration systems.
  • Bespoke Waste Management Designs.
  • Pollution Control Systems for High Risk Waste.
  • Innovative Mobile Waste Solutions.
  • Offer the Largest Range of Incinerators for Sale.

Mining Camp Waste solutions

Greenland Mining

A recent installation by the INCINER8 team in a mining camp in Greenland. This is a fantastic display of skilled engineering in challenging environments, and a simple solution to their waste problems.

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Desert Farming Waste Solution

Desert Fish Farming

An emerging market in Middle East & African countries but farming and aquaculture fisheries in the middle of the desert bring their own unique set of challenges, especially with regards to waste disposal.

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Pet Cremation Systems

Pet Cremation

Understanding what happens to your pet following their passing can help during this extremely difficult time and avoids any confusion or mistakes. If you would like to learn more about this process, see our blog on pet cremation.

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Waste 18 Exhibitor

Come and see us at Waste '18

This year we will be presenting our Waste to Energy solutions to the skip hire and waste management sector. Come and see us on Stand 26

Vincent Ferguson

Chairman named in Queen's Birthday honours

Vince Ferguson has been awarded the OBE in recognition to his services to export and the international waste industry. The actual award ceremony date will be announced shortly.

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Pakistan Medical Waste

New Medical Waste Facility Opens in Pakistan

With much fanfare a new medical waste facility has been opened that utilizes our i8M-120 medical waste incinertor to safely dispose of any Type I - IV waste streams.

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Bird Flu

Avian Bird Flu is Back

Everytime we hear of an outbreak of this virus our hearts go out to farmers within these regions. Bio-security is paramount in the prevention of these outbreaks.

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Hazardous Waste

Incinerators used to fight HIV outbreak in Zimbabwe

Read the case study we have compiled about how our machines have assisted int he battle against HIV in Africa.

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Fallen Stock Disposal

Lambing season predicted to be longer and more challenging than usual

This year lambing season has started earlier and is predicted to continue longer than normal , meaning livestock bio-security is more important than ever

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