Mining, oil & gas waste solutions

With nearly two decades of experience working with some of the largest mining, oil, and gas companies we have created a number of innovative waste management solutions.

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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

With the Mining, Oil & Gas industries worth over $3.3 trillion it is easy to see why these sectors need to push the boundaries of waste solution technology.

We are helping them become a pioneer in remote waste management.

Versatile incineration solutions

There are strict guidelines like the EU’s Directive 2006/21/EC that companies should look to adhere to. It states that companies need to have a strong waste management plan in place that “ensures short and long-term safe disposal of the extractive waste”.

Here at Inciner8, we have developed waste solutions that have been directly designed for remote mining, oil, and gas operations.

“These incinerators have been developed to be easily transported, quick to set up and crucially easy to operate.”

Typical waste generated within the mining, oil and gas industry is usually considered as MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). This can comprise of food, clothing, wood, plastics, cardboard, confidential, medical, sanitary, and hazardous waste. All these waste types can be easily and correct incinerated within our units.

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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

Containerised incinerators for security & longevity

What makes our incinerators unique is that they can be fixed units or configured into ISO 6346 shipping containers. This means they can be used for the shipping and housing of the incinerator and any other related equipment, allowing for easy portability throughout the world and allowing you to move from site to site with minimal planning.

“With the shipping container being universally recognised it makes shipping and transporting quicker, easier, and safer due to the common dimensions and fittings.”

We offer the very best in thermal combustion technology and have produced solutions directly for this sector, it has never been a better time to enquire and build a solution to tackle your waste streams.

We are dedicated to producing solutions that will outperform your expectations and help take your company to the next level in waste management.