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Our range of cannabis waste incinerators are perfect to dispose of all types cannabis growing waste.

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As more and more countries are legalising marijuana, there is a new waste challenge to deal with. Large amounts of organic compounds are left as waste from this farming practice.

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Portable of fixed waste solution?

Portable waste incineration is made easy when you are using a carefully designed solution that has been engineered specifically to be moved around. Many competing systems require lengthy de-commissioning and re-commissioning between operating sites.

Our designs incorporate a number of features to enhance its usage as a mobile waste solution such as a lightweight refractory and reduced overall weight. The control panels can also been housed into the door frame to improve security and limit access.

Cannabis Farm Waste Legislation

The transportation and disposal of cannabis waste is specialized and requires special licensing and compliance. You must meet all these regulatory requirements while adhering to local environmental standards.

In some states and countries, failure to meet marijuana waste disposal requirements can lead to monetary fines up to $15,000 and/or cancellation of license.

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What is Cannabis Waste?

The growing of ‘Marijuana’ or Cannabis on a commercial scale creates large volumes of waste plant matter. Most countries and states require this is ground up and mixed prior to destruction. In the case of incineration this mix should be approx 50/50 with other non-compostable waste (such as cardboard, paper and plastics).

Cannabis (hemp) waste is typically categorised as:

  • Marijuana plant organically processed (stalks, leaves and stems)
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contaminated materials
  • Solid marijuana sample plant waste
  • Marijuana Waste processed with solvents*

* – Any plant waste processed with solvents is classed as hazardous waste and must therefore be disposed of through a licensed landfill or better still through incineration.

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Type of cannabis waste suitable for incineration

Organic waste

  • Leaves & flowers
  • Stalks & stems
  • Root bulbs

CBD/THC contaminated waste

  • Used paper & plastic packaging
  • Dispensary phials
  • Workwear & PPE

What countries have legalised the cultivating of cannabis?

Although this is an ever changing list as more countries perceive additional health related benefits to the consumption of cannabis, there is still many areas where it is illegal to grow or cultivate BUT legal to possess or consume.

List of countries and their legality status

Cannabis waste is growing

Discuss our range of cannabis waste incinerators and find the right solution for your business.

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  • Complete destruction of waste
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