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Safe and secure disposal of confidential or unwanted paper and documents using incineration.

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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

Disposing of sensitive and confidential paperwork using a secure document destruction incinerator provides a quicker & less expensive alternative to on-site paper shredding services.


Who would need to incinerate paper waste?

Many public sector contractors who have strict compliance requirements use this method. It is used by companies with large quantities of paper that cannot be shredded without lots of pre-preparation. For more in-depth reasons why incineration is better than shredding for total secure dociument destruction read our confidential waste blog article

Confidential waste guidelines

Paper incineration is appropriate for all customers but especially those with classified or sensitive documents that need to be destroyed in keeping with ICO,HMRC, DoD, NSA or NIST guidelines. Many of these organisations have approved incineration as a method for destroying classified paper and many of our customers have also been cleared for this purpose.

Domestic confidential waste

Households in the USA & Europe generate upwards of 800kg of paper waste per year. Much of this is in the form of letters, statements and utility bills that could be used as the basis of identity theft. Determined identity thieves are often able to piece together enough information from old bills and financial statements to get names and address, account numbers, bank names, and other personal information.

The changes in our disposal habits and better waste separation over the last decade have made access to paper waste easier for potential criminals.

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What types of paper waste are suitable for incineration?

Destruction by incineration is the most complete and reliable method for highly sensitive documents and papers. Incineration is the best solution if you are trying to process certain types of waste including:

  • Classified documents
  • Notebooks and exercise books
  • Volumes of binded paper
  • Large quantities of paper
  • Waste paper & packaging

All our models are capable of document incineration, but we will often advise certain modifications dependent on the specific waste stream being used.

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