Cannabis waste & incineration

Incineration is one of the most effective, biosecure and safe method to treat cannabis waste.

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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

The cannabis industry has grown uniquely over the past few years. More countries around the world are beginning to legalise cannabis as more medical benefits are discovered.

Laws are changing all the time but one thing is constant, the best approach to cannabis waste detruction is incineration.

Incineration is the most effective, bio secure and safe method to treat cannabis waste.

All the waste should be ground up and mixed prior to destruction, at an approx 50/50 ratio with other non-compostable waste such as cardboard, paper, and plastics. Any plant waste processed with solvents is classed as hazardous waste and must, therefore, be disposed of through a licensed landfill or better still through incineration.

“Large amounts of organic waste compounds are left from this farming practice – It’s important that as this sector grows it deals with the rapid growth correctly.”

Our systems have been designed to tackle most varieties of cannabis waste. As more and more countries are legalising marijuana for medical use, the challenge of dealing with the waste it creates is only going to increase. Cannabis derived waste is categorised as specialized waste, which means that transportation and disposal companies will require a license. In some states/countries, failure to meet cannabis waste disposal requirements can lead to fines up to $15,000 and/or cancellation of license.

Inciner8 construct machines that offer the very best in thermal combustion technology & help tackle cannabis waste created within this growing industry. It has never been a better time to enquire and build a solution to tackle your cannabis waste.

We are dedicated to producing solutions that will outperform your expectations and help take your company to the next level in efficiency and waste management.

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