Inciner8: Your Trusted Partner in Outbreak Response and Prevention

Since 2003, Inciner8 has been a leading supplier of emergency incineration solutions to help communities and health organisations contain infectious disease outbreaks. Our top-of-the-line incinerators provide a safe, effective way to dispose of contaminated waste and limit the spread of dangerous pathogens.

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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

With extensive experience responding to epidemic and pandemic threats like Ebola, avian influenza, and COVID-19, Inciner8 is your go-to partner for outbreak preparedness and response.

Why Effective Waste Disposal is Critical for Containing Disease Outbreaks

Proper destruction of infectious waste is one of the most important control measures for stopping the spread of deadly diseases. Many outbreaks, from Ebola to pandemic influenza, are fueled by the improper handling of contaminated materials. 

When an outbreak hits, rapid deployment of reliable medical waste incinerators is critical to breaking the chain of transmission and preventing a local outbreak from becoming a global pandemic. 

That’s where Inciner8 comes in – our mobile, high-throughput incinerators can be quickly shipped anywhere in the world to provide biosecurity at the source of the outbreak.

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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

Preparing for the Next Pandemic: Lessons from COVID-19

The devastating COVID-19 pandemic exposed major gaps in global preparedness and disease surveillance. To prevent the next pandemic, we must invest now in public health infrastructure and have proven biosecurity solutions ready to deploy at the first signs of an emerging infectious disease. 

Inciner8’s technology can be used on the front lines of an emerging outbreak to safely dispose of waste from quarantine facilities, hospitals, and testing centres. We have the expertise and track record to be a key partner in pandemic preparedness efforts.

“Poor medical waste management has been one of the key factors in previous viruses spreading so quickly.”

Biosecurity: A Critical Pillar of Outbreak Prevention and Response

A strong biosecurity system is essential for rapidly identifying and containing infectious disease and health threats. This involves disease surveillance to quickly detect outbreaks, diagnostic capacity to identify the pathogen, and measures to limit disease transmission such as quarantine, vaccination, and proper handling of medical waste.

Inciner8’s solutions are a vital component of effective biosecurity for preventing the spread of many infectious diseases. Our incinerators are used by Ministries of Health, public health agencies, hospitals, and international organisations as part of a comprehensive approach to preventing and mitigating outbreaks.

These medical incinerators have been designed to operate at temperatures over 850°C ensuring eradication of harmful bacteria on contaminated waste.

I8-M120 medical incinerator

Preventing Spillover: Stopping Outbreaks at the Source

Many of the gravest pandemic threats, like avian influenza, first emerge when pathogens jump from animal hosts to humans. This spillover poses a major risk of disease emergence and spread. To prevent spillover and stop outbreaks before they start, we must target high-risk human-animal interfaces with effective infection control measures.

Inciner8 works with conservation groups and development organisations focused on spillover prevention and improving health. We provide solutions to safely dispose of animal carcasses and waste in areas where humans and wildlife come into close contact. 

By providing biosecurity at the source and reducing the risk of disease transmission from animals to humans, we help minimise the chances of zoonotic disease emergence. Inciner8’s solutions are a key component of the comprehensive effort needed to prevent the next pandemic.

Mobile Solutions for Rapid Outbreak Response

When an outbreak hits, every hour counts. Inciner8’s trailer-mounted incinerators can be rapidly deployed to provide immediate biosecurity anywhere in the world. Our units have been used to quickly contain outbreaks of Ebola, Lassa fever, avian influenza and more. 

The ability to safely dispose of infectious waste on-site is critical for preventing the spread of the pathogen to new areas. With Inciner8’s mobile incinerators stationed in strategic locations, the global health community can mount a faster, more effective response to epidemic and pandemic threats.

i8-140 Mobile UN Order
Containerised Incinerator

Scalable Capacity for Pandemics and Mass Casualty Events

Inciner8 offers a range of incinerators to meet the needs of any outbreak scenario, from small units for local response to high-throughput models that can handle tonnes of waste per day. For pandemic preparedness, we offer some of the largest-capacity mobile incinerators on the market, capable of processing massive volumes of contaminated waste. Our technology has been used after natural disasters, mass fatality events, and humanitarian crises when local infrastructure is overwhelmed. 

With Inciner8, you can be confident that you’ll have sufficient biosecurity capacity for even the most severe pandemics.

Outbreak Waste Management: Expertise You Can Count On

Proper handling of infectious waste streams is complex and high-stakes. It requires in-depth knowledge of different pathogen types, international biosecurity regulations, waste characterisation and packaging, and safe operating procedures. 

With over two decades of experience managing waste from the world’s deadliest outbreaks, Inciner8 are the experts in outbreak waste disposal. We provide comprehensive training and guidance to ensure your team can quickly and safely use our incinerators for maximum biosecurity.

Safeguarding Public Health and Economies

Infectious disease outbreaks pose catastrophic risks to both global health and economies. Pandemics can claim millions of lives, overwhelm health systems, and cause economic losses. Investing in effective outbreak prevention and response is one of the highest-yield ways to protect public health and safeguard economies. 

Inciner8’s solutions help mitigate the devastating impacts of epidemics and pandemics. Our technology has helped contain outbreaks that threatened the health and stability of entire nations.

A Trusted Partner for Strengthening Health Security

The COVID-19 catastrophe was a stark reminder of how vulnerable the world is to infectious disease threats. To avoid the next pandemic, gaps in global health security infrastructure should be filled and capacity built to quickly extinguish outbreaks. 

Our mission is to create a safer, more secure world through innovative biosecurity solutions. When the next outbreak strikes, be ready with Inciner8 – your trusted partner in pandemic prevention and response. Contact us today to learn more about our biosecurity solutions.