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Disease outbreaks

We collaborate with aid agencies & humanitarian organisations in countries affected by viral outbreaks, to provide waste solutions in the quickest possible time.

Our incinerators are specifically designed and engineered to deal with the safe burning of hazardous waste from viral outbreaks such as COVID, SARs, Ebola and other infectious diseases.

Supplier of emergency incineration solutions since 2007

We all know the benefits of safely destroying contaminated waste items, such as those created in the course of fighting disease and infection at source. Packaging and transporting this type of waste usually isn’t an option due to the risks associated.

At Inciner8 we are no strangers to dealing with hazardous waste in potentially dangerous locations.

We have been supplying emergency incineration solutions for viral outbreaks since 2007.

Our products have also been shipped for use in post-war Iraq & Afghanistan, so we’re well accustomed to sensitive projects and the individual challenges these pose.

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How can biosecurity help prevent disease outbreaks?

As seen in recent years, infections spread through human contact have grown from an 'outbreak' to 'epidemic' and then hit 'pandemic' proportions quickly. In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, used medical equipment such as PPE, bandages, bedding and sharps were building up due to ineffective waste management allowing the virus to remain in the local area and continue spreading.

Poor medical waste management has been one of the key factors in previous viruses spreading so quickly.

Over recent years our engineering team have devloped a range of solutions aimed specifically at targeting medical waste and PPE equipment. They are used in scenarios around the world, to provide effective destruction of contaminated waste.

These medical incinerators have been designed to operate at temperatures over 850°C ensuring eradication of harmful bacteria on contaminated waste.

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