Incinerator Machines

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Incinerators are being used all over the world for a wide range of uses. Below are just a few of the ways our incinerators are being used.

All of our machines are built in the UK by time-served fabricators. Our range of machines are constrantly being developed through our R & D programme to ensure they are at the forefront of combustion technology for years to come.

Whether it be for general waste disposal or the safe destruction of hazardous or controlled wastes, the incineration process is still widely used and in many cases is the best option available. Industrial waste, large scale refuse projects and waste oil could be used to power our range of incinerators built with energy recovery in mind.

If you are new to the world of incineration and would like to know more, read our useful What are Incinerator Machines? post on our blog.

If you have a specialist project – then speak to us about our bespoke incinerator designs for solid waste & waste treatment solutions.

These robust machines are built to withstand life in a waste processing environment. Live systems in places from Antarctica to Equatorial Guinea.

What is an incinerator machine?

An incinerator machine is a mechanical unit built to destroy waste by burning it at an extremely high temperature. Waste of all manners is burned until it is reduced to nothing but ash, gas and heat. While many people think gas generated from incineration is harmful for the environment, modern incinerators filter out pollutants meaning only clean air is released from the machine.