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Construction & Civil Engineering Waste Incinerators

Construciton and civil engineering projects require a robust waste management plan. Incineration can form a valuable cost saving part of this process.

Waste management is becoming increasingly important in construction, as it accounts for the highest percentage of resource waste in the country

Site Waste Plans

Not only is it important to alleviate the demand on landfill sites, but also to save on operational costs.

By preparing a Site Waste Management Plan there will be forward planning and forethought to the costs considered and will ensure many potential mistakes are avoided; such as over ordering, unnecessary waste transport costs and unexpected landfill taxes.

Waste management plans allow you to budget, forecast and control all eventualities and costs in managing your waste.


As a part of a waste management plan, incorporating an onsite incinerator can be beneficial in many ways.

Incinerating waste can reduce the volume of waste to be disposed of at a landfill down to as little as 3% of it’s original volume therefore significantly reducing the landfill costs.

It can dispose of unrecyclable waste, so anything that can’t be reused or recycled can still be disposed of safely (Part of the LCT and LCA directives, a suggestion and consideration for waste management is to utilise energy recovery technologies).

Work with a Specialist Waste Company

Being a global leader comes with great responsibility, we value feedback as we continue daily to educate our people to ensure they give the most authoritative and educational information to our clients.

This is why we employ highly skilled technicians and thermal treatment experts to support all of our client requirements in the decision making process while sourcing environmentally friendly quality products from INCINER8.

If you wish to incinerate as part of a manufacturing process then read our industrial incinerators page.

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What types of construction waste streams can be incinerated?

    • Plastics & Packaging
    • Untreated Timber
    • Vegetation & Bamboo
    • Doors & Window Frames*
    • Cardboard and Paper
    • Bituminous Mixtures (Coal Tar and Tar)
    • Paints and Varnishes
    • Adhesives and Sealants

* - providing they are untreated. Please contact us if you require treated wood incineration.

What burns best?

Dry, easily separated materials with a high calorific content – such as wood – are ideal waste streams for combustion.

When burnt, they recover the most energy and displace the need to provide energy by other means. This is actually the preferred method of disposal for these items above that of recycling due to the potential amount of energy recovered.

Invasive Plant Destruction

More and more civil and private sector projects are stalled or delayed due to the presence of invasive plant species. Speak to our experts today about our solution.

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Who uses an incinerator for construction waste?

Waste management is becoming increasingly important in construction, as it accounts for the highest percentage of resource waste in the country.

Using an incinerator can dramatically reduce the volume of construction waste before it is sent to landfill - thus reducing gate fees and damage to the environment.

Find out how our incineration solutions can help with your construction & civil engineering waste.

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