CEMS Emissions Monitoring

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We can provide a range of accredited, portable or continuous emissions monitoring systems which satisfy both operator and regulatory requirements including the waste incineration directive (WID), large combustion plant directive (LCPD) and the newer industrial emissions directive (IED).

These systems are currently operational in a number of key industries including hazardous, clinical, and animal waste incineration


testoFor emission testing and combustion analysis.

Whether you are testing for compliance, or troubleshooting and tuning your combustion process, our CEMS systems have everything you need.

Their ultra-rugged construction, coupled with a simple intuitive operation, and innovative measurement technology, set the standard in emission testing and combustion analysis.

“Simple to use and reliable flue gas measurements for all commonly used fuels & feedstock

The Standard for Emission Testing and Combustion Analysis.”


Industrial incinerators and burners have their own unique characteristics. When an unexpectedly high CO is detected, the testo 350 will automatically adjust to the situation, keeping the sensor protected at all times. Don’t worry about climbing and removing the probe from the stack, just hit the fresh air button to purge the sensor for longer life. The measurements of O2, CO, NO and SO2, combined with automatic calculations (CO2, efficiency, excess air), provide fast tuning solutions. The 350’s compact design is better for working on a platform or small space. The automatic zero pressure measurement is ideal to monitor flow or draft induction. With a pilot tube you can quickly measure velocity.


testo logo Testo Limited was established in 1983 as the UK subsidiary of testo and is based in Alton, Hampshire where they sell the full range of test equipment across the UK and Ireland, both direct and through distributors.

They are a key supplier to the Facility Management and Industrial Maintenance Sectors where they are able to provide the full range of instruments which are critical to the effective and efficient maintenance of premises, and allow compliance with all key regulations.