Waste-to-Energy Incinerator

Sustainability and the environment are at the forefront of waste to energy solutions. We want to ensure that waste management facilities have the lowest possible impact on the environment and continue the efforts to move away from landfills.

Reduce Waste While Generating Clean Energy with Inciner8 Waste-to-Energy incinerators

Waste to energy incineration is an efficient waste management solution that diverts household and hazardous waste away from landfills while producing clean, renewable energy. 

Inciner8 is the leading designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art waste incinerators that utilise the latest combustion and emissions control technologies to safely convert municipal solid waste (MSW) into electrical energy.

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Why Inciner8 is the Best Choice for Your Waste-to-Energy Needs

Inciner8 has over 20 years of experience planning, permitting, designing, constructing, and operating technologically advanced and environmentally responsible waste-to-energy facilities globally. We leverage proven combustion systems and advanced air quality control equipment to maximise energy output while minimising air emissions.

Heat Exchangers suitable for waste to energy

All of our configurations are environmentally friendly!


Our wet gas scrubbing system option that complements the secondary chamber. The venturi gas scrubbing system utilises pressurised water and is particularly useful at eliminating particulates.

PCS + Heat Exchanger:

Our most advanced option consists of 300+ ceramic filter elements to allow for the complete filtration of all pollutants as per UK, EU, and US standards. Only compatible with I8-200, I8-250, I8-500, I8-700, I8-1000, the configuration includes a cylindrical heat exchanger that is designed to cool the gases down to sub 400. The gaseous components are then treated via chemical dosing of powdered elements such as sodium bicarbonate, hydrated lime and activated carbon.

Secondary Chamber: 

All our systems include afterburner technology in the form of a secondary combustion chamber. This serves as an integrated form of pollution control, with the secondary chamber helping to eliminate dioxins, furans, VOCs, and CO. The released gases are destroyed in a temperature-controlled environment.

As the waste self-ignites, the gaseous components are transferred to the secondary combustion chamber, where gases are retained at temperature levels of 850C + to reach complete combustion. In many instances, this allows the operator to achieve a clean burn with no smoke and no smell.

Why You Should Choose Inciner8 for Waste to Energy System Projects:

Onsite Waste-to-Energy Solution

Our incinerators provide an onsite, easy-to-operate waste-to-energy solution for complete incineration of all waste streams, including hazardous materials. This eliminates transportation logistics and landfill costs.

Globally Proven Waste Incineration Systems

Used in over 180 countries, our incinerators are durably designed to withstand over a decade of use—much longer than competitor waste incineration products.

Reduce Environmental Footprint

Incineration at the waste generation site cuts down on transportation emissions and landfill methane. By burning waste where it is produced rather than transporting it to a landfill, onsite incinerators minimise the carbon footprint associated with waste handling. 

Peace of Mind Waste Destruction

Our municipal waste incineration systems ensure the full destruction of healthcare wastes and other hazardous discarded materials so they cannot be accessed or scattered in public areas. This protects public health.

Shared Multi-Site Waste Solutions

We offer mobile incinerators to serve multiple waste transfer stations, landfills, hospitals and other waste generators to share costs through our waste-to-energy plants.

Boost Sustainability Strategies

By controlling waste treatment internally with our systems rather than outsourcing landfilling, organisations enhance their environmental commitment and waste minimisation efforts.

Rapid Incinerator Payback

With fuel usage as low as 20 litres per tonne of waste, system payback from avoided landfill tipping fees is attained within 1-3 years, after which incineration saves on waste disposal costs.

Personnel Training Included

We train operators in proper incinerator use, safety protocols, testing procedures, maintenance, troubleshooting and sustainability best practices so systems remain productive.

Maximise Waste Destruction

Our unique internal chamber geometries and temperature controls ensure over 95% of waste mass is converted to sterile ash, eliminating odours and avoiding partially destroyed materials.

Emissions and Health Safeguards

Secondary chambers and afterburners guarantee complete dioxin and smoke destruction from waste burning, while continuous monitoring verifies local air quality protection at all operational stages.

Modular Options

We manufacture a range of modular options that bolt on heat exchanger equipment to harness the thermal energy generated from waste incineration in our municipal waste combustion plants.

We have customers who have worked with our waste-to-energy project management specialists to adopt this process, capture, and reuse the heat produced by their Inciner8 machine. Typically, with heat recovery integration in our waste-to-energy incineration systems, an installation project manager can design a solution to plug in our equipment sustainably, powering specific local functions, including:

  • Central Heating for the property using recovered waste heat
  • Powering a water boiler system through waste-to-energy
  • Drying out high-moisture waste materials before entering primary burning chambers
  • Generation of steam for electrical turbine generators
  • District heating for nearby facilities

Our adaptable heat capture components allow optimisation of thermal energy recycling from burned waste, supporting closed-loop resource efficiency. This presents additional environmental and operational cost savings for clients with high heating and cooling demands.

Contact our team today to explore heat recovery options for your next municipal solid waste incinerator project.

Sheep Incinerator

Advantages Over Landfills and Dump Sites

Our waste-to-energy incineration solutions provide significant benefits compared to traditional waste disposal methods like landfilling and dumpsites:

Lower Transportation Costs

Onsite incineration avoids the costs of transporting municipal solid waste over long distances to landfills while promoting biosecurity through containment.

Reduce Environmental Impacts

Incineration stops the production of leachates and greenhouse gases like methane that pollute air and groundwater from waste decomposition in dumps and landfills.

Significant Waste Volume Reduction

Through high-temperature combustion, our incinerators achieve a 90–95% volume reduction of solid waste and organic materials, minimising land usage.

Complete Destruction of Hazards

Our systems provide safe destruction of biomedical, chemical and other hazardous wastes, ensuring no direct environmental pollution from dangerous unfinished materials compared to burying waste.

Improved Neighbourhood Ambience

With reduced discharge of combustion gases, incineration plants present considerably better local aesthetics and less noise than landfills in nearby communities.

By incinerating waste rather than utilising landfills, municipalities and companies gain better control over potential health hazards, odours, nuisances, environmental impacts and costs associated with discarded materials while recovering energy value.

Heat Exchanger

Partner with Inciner8 for Your Next Waste-To-Energy Project

With our incinerators used in over 180 countries, Inciner8 has the proven experience and capabilities to deliver your next renewable energy facility. 

Contact us today to discuss your needs. We can provide preliminary feasibility assessments and project development support from concept to commissioning. Reduce waste and recover value with Inciner8’s efficient waste treatment solutions.