Incinerator Shelters

Sheltered incinerators….Ideal for daily use in challenging environments

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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

Weather protection for equipment and operator. Our shelters are designed for easy and quick installation on a standard reinforced concrete slab.

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Extend the life of your incinerator

No matter where an incinerator is located it will be exposed to weather and the environment. Creating a non-flammable shelter with plenty of ventilation is essential in extending the life of your waste solution.

“Adequate protection from wind, rain & sand can extend the life of machinery for many years.”

Certain regions will require additional protection or consideration from adverse weather conditions or localised problems.

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Choice of types & styles

Shelters can be built to any size required and will depend on your system and additional accessories that have been specified. We can provide a full site preparation guide should that be required so you can prepare before your system is installed.

Alternatively, you could look into the option of a containerised incinerator, giving you all the benefits of mobility plus a weather-resistent and secure storage unit for your investment.

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Key features of incinerator shelters

Fully prefabricated shelter for simple on-site installation.
Different dimensions available to suite all the models


Large front door to provide easy access and optimal ventilation (optional)
Heavy-duty steel construction with high quality panel walls