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For a less demanding, lower throughput gas cleaning system, the venturi scrubber is a well tested and respected design used by many industrial processes. It uses a combination of vortex technology and high pressure water misting to remove harmful elements from the exhaust gases.

Our incinerators are designed to ensure Dioxins, furans and similar gaseous components are destroyed using homogeneous high temperature (> 850°C), ensuring there is an excess of oxygen (>6 %) and sufficient residence time at high temperatures to make sure all 3 conditions are met.

If the three conditions above are not met, dioxins will “crack” into smaller but reactive dioxins, which can reform into new dioxin molecules, especially in the presence of heavy metals which can act as catalysts. (Reformation and “de novo” formation).

What makes this Venturi so special?

Through a combination of R&D and CFD modeling we have enhanced our venturi to incorporate a new spray head that has been optimally designed to cope with the demands of operating continuously within a waste sector. The atomized liquid provides an enormous number of tiny droplets for the dust particles to impact on. These liquid droplets incorporating the particles must be removed from the scrubber outlet stream.

Gas scrubbers are very effective at removing noxious gases, particles, odours, fumes and dust from gas streams.


How does a Venturi Scrubber work?

The overall process is quite straight forward – the key to successful operation is ensuring there is a continual flow of air and water made available to the venturi scrubber.

As the gas stream is introduced into a scrubber box, it is forced to pass through a converging section, where (in accordance with Bernoulli equation) gas stream velocity is rapidly increased. The throat section between pipes is where particle and gas removal occur as the inlet gas stream mixes with the fog of tiny liquid droplets.

  • Entering the diverging section, the gas stream is forced to slow down.
  • Scrubbing liquid is introduced into a system using a high pressure pump (70+ bar) and a set of 8 micronic nozzles.
  • Energy from the gas stream is used to additionally atomize water droplets.
  • Part of the scrubber liquid that doesn’t evaporate in the process is released from the system using specially designed valve on the bottom of the scrubber box.

If you have any further questions about venturi scrubbers or gas cleaning in general, then speak to one of our experts who will happily advise on the best solution for your needs.

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