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Hazardous Waste Incinerators

Our hazardous Waste Incinerators have been designed to safely destroy hazardous waste including sharps, pathological and general bio waste.

Our range of hazardous waste incinerators have been designed to specifically cope with a wide range of medical waste, including hazardous waste.

Our products have been designed to ensure efficient, clean and hassle-free disposal of medical waste and to eliminate any contamination.

Thermal treatment of medical waste

Our models are suitable for the incineration of clinical waste including type 4 pathological waste (red bag waste) from Hospitals, Research Centres, Pharmaceutical Companies , Drug Manufactures, Primary Care Trusts, Private GPs Practices, Cosmetic Surgery Clinics, Nursing Homes, Care Homes and any environmentally conscious waste servicing facilities.

Our hazardous waste incinerator range has been designed to dispose of Category 1, 2, 3 and 4 type red bag wastes that typically contain high density and high moisture contents*

* - in certain countries, you will require additional pollution control elements such as a Pollution Control System or Venturi Scrubber or Bag House Filter.

Contents of typical medical waste

Waste Type Moisture content & calorific values

  • Type 0 10% Moisture, 19.7MJ/kg = up to 3-5% ash
  • Type 1 25% Moisture, 15.1MJ/kg = up to 5% ash
  • Type 2 50% Moisture, 9.97MJ/kg = up to 6% ash
  • Type 3 70% Moisture, 5.1MJ/kg = up to 2-4% ash
  • Type 4 85% Moisture, 2.1MJ/kg = up to 2-3% ash

More about medical waste classification:

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Our units are in use across a wide range of organisations, from small independents to Government-led initiatives for the safe destruction of:

    • Hospital waste
    • Biological waste
    • Pathological waste
    • Pharmaceutical waste
    • Needle disposal
    • Sharps disposal
    • Medical waste
    • Bio-hazard waste
    • Red bag waste
    • Yellow bag waste
    • Clinical waste
    • Healthcare waste

Other Types of Hazardous waste

There are certain Hazardous Wastes that can only be destroyed safely by High Temperature Incineration, These include:

Hazardous waste incinerators operate to and comply with the strictest emission limits of any industry in the European Union, utilising state-of-the-art facilities combined with experienced and well-trained operators.

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