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For pet owners, losing a pet is like losing a family member and it is important to honour them in a special way once they pass. There are a number of different things that you can do with your pets cremated ashes.

Whether you want a simple traditional memorial or would like to honour your pet in a unique send off, we have highlighted some of the most popular things to do with your pets cremated ashes.

1. Keep In Your Home

pet urns

Some pet owners prefer to have their pets ashes close to them in the home. As more people are opting for cremation over burial, there are more options for personalised and decorative pet urns or ash caskets which are often displayed in the homes where the pet once lived.

You may choose to keep your pets ashes in the home permanently, or It may just be a temporary solution until you decide if you want to scatter or bury the ashes as part of a final send off for your pet.

2. Bury The Ashes

Burying the cremated ashes of your pet is also a popular option chosen by pet owners. Many choose to bury the ashes of their pet in their gardens, however there are also other places you can do this.

Pet cemeteries are also a popular place for burial, designed specifically for the burial of your pet or their cremated ashes. Choosing to bury your pets ashes in a cemetery allows you to have a designated plot that you can decorate with flowers and memorabilia. You can also have a personalised headstone for your plot where you can have your pets name and any other messages engraved.

Some pet owners choose to bury their pets ashes in their favourite place. For example this could be a place that your pet enjoyed visiting or a place that means a lot you your family. For this type of burial it may not be as easy to personalise the grave as it is often public places. We recommend speaking to the land owners or local council for permission to bury the ashes and have a headstone there.

3. Scatter The Ashes


Another popular method used by pet owners is to scatter the ashes. This can be done at your pets favourite walking spot, at a beach, in your backyard etc. Many pets love the outdoors so pet owners like to scatter the ashes as a memorable send off for them.

It is important that you ask for permission to scatter your pets ashes in a public place. As scattering the ashes is so popular, you can now purchase urns specifically designed for the scattering of ashes. This particular type of urn comes with an easy opening and closing mechanism, allowing you to scatter the ashes in a number of locations if you wish to do so, or even keep some of the remaining ashes in your home.

It is also popular to scatter your ashes in water. Most dogs enjoy swimming so pet owners see this as a lovely tribute to scatter their pets ashes in the ocean or river.

4. Plant-able Ashes / Tree Memorial

It is now possible to turn your pets ashes into a living tree as a memorial for their life. This can be done using a bio urn that turns your pets ashes into ashes you that you plant and grow into a memorial tree. Pet owners say this helps them to deal with the grief of pet loss and helps them to no longer focus on the passing as being the final stage of their pets life.

As this method is becoming more popular with time, different variations of bio urns can easily be found all over the world.

5. Ashes To Jewellery


What started as a way to remember loved ones who have passed, having ashes made into jewellery is becoming popular for the ashes of pets.

Ashes to jewellery allows you to have your pets ashes in a bracelet, necklace, or a ring. You can even have personalised jewellery in the shape of a paw print or engrave your pets name onto the jewellery. This is a nice tribute to your pet that allows you to have your beloved pet close by to you at all times.

6. Send Your Pets Ashes To Space

space rocket

Although not the most affordable option, you can now launch your pets ashes into space. Most commonly the ashes will be carried up into a region know as Near Space’ which is just above the earths atmosphere with blackness of space just above.

Most commonly the ashes are scattered and are carried by stratospheric winds which enable the ashes to circle around space. They will eventually merge with the earth atmosphere and fall back down to earth as rain or snow.

Most companies who offer this service will often record the process so you can keep it as a tribute to your pet. This is a breath-taking tribute to those pets who were adventurous or loved to travel.

If you require further information on pet cremation, contact us today.

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