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Illegal and controlled drug destruction requires specialist solutions to ensure there are no active by-products in the waste.

Transporting drugs and narcotics brings with it the risk of the products being tampered with or stolen in transit. This can be incredibly dangerous is the contraband were to fall in the wrong hands.

What are Controlled Drugs?

Waesche cocaine seizure

A controlled drug or substance is one whose possession and manufacture is regulated by a government. The control applies to the way the substance is made, handles, used, stored and distributed. Restrictions are put on substances due to the risks of misuse of the drug and the possibility of addiction and health problems.

Some controlled drugs such as depressants and anabolic steroids can be used for medical treatment and can be prescribed by a licensed medical professional. Substances with no known medical benefits, such as heroin and LSD and illegal in most countries and those in possession of the drug will face criminal charges.

Why Is It Important to Dispose of Substances Correctly?

Controlled substances, just like other medicines, have an expiry date. If substances aren’t disposed of correctly, they could end up in landfill sites or in the sewer system.

Substances in Landfill

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Not all landfill sites are secure, meaning that if the drugs were to end up there, they may come into the hands of children or animals who enter the landfill site. Research suggests that most substances become less effective once the expiry date has passed, however some may develop different responses in the body which could prove to be fatal.

Substances left in landfill can also contaminate the land, eventually making it’s way into drinking water. This poses a further threat to the environment, animals and humans.

How Are Controlled Drugs & Contraband Disposed Of?

In most cases, once the drugs have been confiscated, they are typically stored for testing and remain in a secure location if they are needed for evidence used in trials. Once these processes are complete, the contraband is then sent for incineration.

It is not uncommon that law enforcements have partnerships with nearby hospitals or other incineration sites for the disposal of confiscated substances.

Our Experience

Inciner8 have deployed a number of drug incinerators over recent years, some of which are currently in use by anti-narcotics teams in Bolivia and numerous police forces in the USA such as Cottonwood Police Department in Arizona, Asheville Police Department in North Carolina and Phoenix Police Department. If you are based in the USA=, then take a look at our narcotics incineration page.

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Drug & Contraband Incinerators

Incineration is by far the safe, secure and cost efficient way to destroy contraband. Owning an on-site incinerator removes the risk of cross contamination and the possibility of the substances being tampered with or stolen during transit.

Whether you want a low-cost, easily portable solution for your operatives to take with them on raids, or a larger machine to process higher volumes of seized drugs, Inicner8 have a variety of machines to suit.

The Sirocco

i8-sirocco general waste incinerator

The Sirocco is one of the smallest in our mobile incinerators range. Using a cyclonic effect, the Sirocco can destroy drug waste cleanly and efficiently using no fuel.

This small, fully mobile incinerator is lightweight and portable, meaning it can easily be transported from site to site.

The Sirocco requires no continual fuel supply meaning one person can easily operate the machine.

Containerised i8-200

containerised incinerator

The I8-200 is a high capacity model from our range of incinerators, perfect for any industry generating a high volume of waste.

This unit benefits from a secondary chamber with an afterburner for the re-burn of any harmful emissions with a 2 second retention time.

A containerised incinerator enables immediate waste management as the units are fully assembled and pre-installed. Once installed, the units can easily be moved from one location to another no matter the resources available.

Trailer Mounted I8-75G

mobile incinerator

The I8-75G is one of the most popular models in our medium capacity range. The addition of advanced secondary chamber technology with a gas retention time of 2.0 seconds, allows the i8-75G to comply with stringent environmental standards for various types of waste.

All of our trailer mounted incinerators are built to the highest standards for waste disposal, and benefit from being extremely durable for a long working life. They offer guaranteed mobility for any sites, including the sites that are hard to access.

Using a trailer mounted incinerator for the disposal of controlled substances means that the drugs can be destroyed at the source, removing the risk of tampering and theft in transit.

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