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Trailer Mounted Incinerators

Having your incinerator mounted on a trailer allows you to relocate your incinerator to where it is needed most.

Our latest range of mobile incinerators include the trailer mounted incinerator. Having your incinerator mounted on a trailer allows you to relocate your incinerator to where it is needed most.

Features & Benefits of a Trailer Incinerators

These trailers have been built to withstand the rigors of the construction industry for a long working life. The trailers have top of the range features that allow you to make your transportation of waste easier.

  • Fixed headboard and sides
  • Choice of drop tailboard or loading ramp
  • Chassis, framework & panels are galvanized for maximum durability
  • Hard wearing resin-coated high density plywood platform
  • Commercial rated tires (high carrying capacity and strength)
  • 'Best in business' Parabolic taper relief spring suspension
  • Secure, stable towing characteristics and longevity.
  • Beam axle system
  • Sealed, unitized wheel bearings
  • Powerful auto-reverse brakes

Where would I use a trailer mounted incinerator?

Our trailer mounted incinerators can be used in a variety of sectors. Some of the most common uses are:

  • Agriculture & Farmingwe have seen farmers group together to purchase trailer mounted incinerators that they can use to destroy animal waste.
  • Mining campsour trailer mounted incinerators can be quickly deployed and installed to remote locations – and easily removed when production moves on.
  • Drug & Contraband disposalAny local enforcement would benefit from a trailer mounted incinerator as the drugs can be disposed of on site without the need to transport the contraband where it could then be tampered with or stolen.
  • Disaster zones and emergenciesTrailer mounted incinerators mean that they can be moved to wherever they are needed most. This is especially useful in disaster zones and emergencies without the time for preparation.
Trailer mounted drug incinerator

ll our trailer mounted waste solutions are built to the highest standards for waste disposal, and benefit from being extremely durable for a long working life. They offer guaranteed mobility for any sites, including the sites that are hard to access.

Are you looking for an incinerator trailer?

If you have already purchased one of our incinerators, you can still request a trailer to suit your current model. Get in touch and speak to our experts today.

Read our blogpost on what options you have when buying a trailer mounted incinerator

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The models shown below can all be mounted on trailers. We can also supply custom trailer specifications on request - additional engineering may be required.

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