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Cannabis Incineration in Israel (Q+A)

We recently flew out to Israel to meet with our authorized dealer, not only to discuss product innovation but also the great leaps they have taken in the country’s laws on medical cannabis, and how our incinerations have been at the forefront of change within the country.

What drove you to seek out a partnership with Inciner8?

Initially we were looking for waste management services in and around Israel but failed to find a company that suited what we were looking for. We decided to look further afield and Inciner8 stood out to us above all of the other organisations we had previously come across. With the growing demand for medicinal cannabis products in Israel, we knew that growers and suppliers would need a solution that met the strict legislation put in place by the government.

Can you elaborate on some specific pain points you were experiencing?

When we were approached by customers for a disposal solution for cannabis waste, we found that some customers had been using time consuming and potentially dangerous methods for disposing of their cannabis waste. With cannabis being a relatively new industry, there are strict rules in place with regular checks from government bodies, which meant that our customers needed a solution that would allow them to continue operation of their business.

Cannabis Incineration

What were you looking for in a solution?

The cannabis industry is full of legislation, and so is the laws around incineration in Israel. Our customers needed a solution that suited their business but that also met all of the regulations surrounding incineration and the cannabis growing industry.

Tell us about the implementation. How long did it take, and who championed it?

The perception of incineration in Israel is rather negative, which is why there are no previous incinerators in the country. For these solutions to be installed we had to go through a lengthy process with the Israeli government and pass strict emissions tests to make sure that these solutions would not cause any damage to the environment. The I8-75G solutions from Inciner8 are now the first approved incinerators in Israel.

How has our solution helped since implementation?

Our customers are disposing of cannabis growing waste such as roots, plants and flowers. Since implementation, our customers have been able to adopt a more efficient way of disposal. The current process one of our customers use is burning wet pruning without the need for shredding beforehand. Another customer also plans to burn the cannabis waste after drying and grinding the waste.

Cannabis Incineration
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