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Inciner8’s mobile incinerator – The Sirocco was built for one main reason – to destroy waste and narcotics at the source, providing a less risky and safer incineration process on the move. The Sirocco has been built from the ground up to be light, easily transportable and compact enough to be used almost anywhere.


The Sirocco is fundamentally a simple device, designed to have key incineration principals at the core of its design. Simply load the drum, light the waste, clamp down the lid and walk away. Once the Sirocco has been ignited a cyclonic effect is created by the fan within the unit blowing into the drum creating a high-temperature environment with the added benefit of no smoke or smell. Where the Sirocco stands apart from other devices is that no fuel is needed for the burn, meaning extremely low operating costs and safer transportation.

Inciner8 designed the Sirocco after years of supplying incinerators across the globe and taking our loyal customer’s feedback on board. The Sirocco has provided a solution to their problems. The efficiency of the Sirocco means waste is reduced to as little as 3% of its initial volume and with the provided ash rake it can be removed quickly and efficiently with little hassle.

This mobile incinerator unit can be used for a wide range of scenarios, here are a few.

Typical uses:

  • Temporary camps
  • Disaster areas
  • Campsites for leisure purpose
  • Confiscation and the destroying of drugs/narcotics.
  • Organic waste
  • General waste

Law Enforcement:

police officer

Law enforcement agencies are taking drugs off the streets at an alarming rate every day, and regardless of the ever-changing legal situations, one thing that has to happen is they need to be destroyed. This is where an incineration unit comes into play, whether you want a low-cost easily portable solution for your operatives to take with them on raids or need a larger machine to process higher volumes of seized narcotics, Inciner8 have a variety of machines to suit.

The Sirocco shines in this area due to its transportability and ease of use. Using a cyclonic effect, the Sirocco can destroy seized narcotics waste cleanly and efficiently using no fuel.

Benefits of using Sirocco as a mobile narcotics destruction unit:

  • Reduces points where contraband could be tampered with or stolen (eg. in transit).
  • Transparency of process – confiscated narcotics are destroyed at the source.
  • This system requires no continual fuel supply. Start the fan in the chamber and ignite
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Single person operation

The Sirocco has once again shown that Inciner8 not only provides the best in thermal treatment solutions but has a great connection with our customers and the determination to make future products the very best they can be. For more information regarding the Sirocco please visit our website, The Sirocco Incinerator and for video information and advice visit our Youtube channel here: Inciner8 – YouTube.

Invasive Plants Destruction

Invasive plants are a serious issue throughout the world. Often so strong and aggressive in their growth that indigenous plants don’t stand a chance to succeed, the UK is especially prone to the spread out of control invasive plants that need to be destroyed.

invasive plants uk

Types of invasive plant found in the UK:

These are just some of the type of plants that have been causing issues across the UK. These plants don’t let the indigenous and long thriving plants survive and the spread of these invasive plants can alter the UK’s ecosystem and even damage the foundations for trees and the soil composition along rivers.

The Sirocco excels in dealing with invasive plants by being able to be brought to the source where these plants can be removed and destroyed, This limits the risk of the plants potential spreading or invading other areas when they are incinerated on site.

Need to know more?

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