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Whilst most households will enjoy this pretty flower and have it in their garden, Rhododendron is actually considered an invasive weed. It can grow to 8m high and becomes a dense cover of intertwined branches and sturdy leaves.

Rhododendron ControlIt will starve neighbouring plants of basic needs to flourish therefore limiting the biodiversity near where it is rooted. Therefore, affecting the wild life who rely on the other plants to survive. Due to its wide dispersing seeds, the weed can spread quickly and unfortunately this plant can be dangerous to grazing animals, sometimes fatal. Removal of Rhododendron requires complete removal of the root, this is often a machine-based task for significant levels of spreading and does not stop the seeds from dispersing following removal. The plant can survive in there is soil present on the roots. Invasive Rhododendron can be completely destroyed following removal by incinerating the entire plant. By containing the plant waste in an incinerator, you are ensuring that nothing escapes, which is possible through open burns or during transport. The more handling of the plant, the more opportunity to spread. View our range of general incinerators that can be used for the destruction of invasive plants. Also on the Blog: Invasive Plant Species in the UK

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