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Aquatic plant dense clusters on the surface on the water. It can bring a variety of issues where it is found. By altering the oxygen levels in the water, it can threaten the survival of the fish and other pond life inhabiting the same area of water.

floating pennywortIn addition to the inconvenience caused to plants and pondlife it causes much disturbance to humans, this weed provides ideal breeding areas for mosquitos and can block drainage systems. The weed can grow from just the smallest remnant which makes eradication so difficult. It can be pulled out but ensure that the entire plant is captured to avoid further regrowth. As this is such a labour-intensive exercise, you want to ensure that it is done correctly, and the risk of spreading is reduce. The only way to guarantee this is to incinerate everything that you retrieve. INCINER8 have a range of incinerators which lend themselves well to moister rich waste, ensuring the most effective disposal of plant waste.

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