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Inciner8 has been manufacturing incinerators since 2003. Our range of incinerators are currently being used all across Asia by charities, aid agencies and healthcare professionals to provide bio-secure methods of waste disposal within the medical industry and far beyond.

From pop-up medical clinics requiring mobile incinerators, to large hospitals in need of a permanent waste management solution, we have established ourselves as the go-to partner for safe and efficient incinerator products to combat a variety of medical needs.

Asia’s Challenges

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Asia is a hugely populated area of the world where nearly 60% of the entire global population live. This means what they consume, use and crucially dispose of are going to be naturally higher than anywhere else on the planet. This is a key reason why biosecurity should be an area of importance to all countries within this region. As we have seen – disease’s and viruses can rapidly spread out of control such as SARS and Covid-19.

Asia produces huge amounts of waste which is completely natural for the size of its population but some of this waste will be classified as infectious and biohazardous. If not stored, treated and destroyed appropriately, this type of waste can put people at risk. Incineration offers a safe and efficient solution to this problem, by destroying all waste types that are potentially harmful to human and livestock health.

SARS Outbreak

SARS, which is known as severe acute respiratory syndrome was caused by a coronavirus with the outbreak happening between 2002-2004 mainly located within mainland China. It is thought to have originated from small mammals and found its way to infect humans. SARS quickly grew out of control spreading from China to other Asian countries. There were also a small number of cases in several other countries, including 4 in the UK, plus a significant outbreak in Toronto, Canada. The SARS pandemic was eventually brought under control in July 2003 but it shows how critical biosecurity is on a global level. We only have to look at the past 18 months to have an insight into what the future could potentially hold without substantial precautions in place.



Covid-19 has changed the world since the first cases were first recorded in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Since then the virus has spread worldwide and is still a truly ongoing pandemic. As of writing Covid-19 infected just shy of 160 million humans and cost the lives of 3.3 million, and with many infectious people not having the opportunity to be tested the true numbers could be shockingly higher. Covid-19 has shown the world how a virus can truly get out of hand and cause the world to shut down. Incineration and biosecurity should from now on be at the forefront of all waste management and controlled within all industries. Inciner8 have been instrumental in the provision of medical incinerators designed to handle high volumes of infected PPE and other related medical wastes.

Future Global Viruses

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has had many variants since its discovery at the end of 2019 and although vaccines are now in place to prevent the spread it has shown how other viruses could act in the future. Incineration by itself will not stop another outbreak but with the correct precautions and disposal of waste, it limits the chances for the viruses to spread. It also increases the chances of the human population not experiencing such a disaster again.

No one knows where or when the next outbreak could be but having the correct infrastructure in place to react quickly and safely ensures you are on the front-foot combating any upcoming outbreak.

Inciner8’s Experience in Asia

We are a global leading incinerator manufacturer, our wide range of medical incineration solutions are specially designed to cater for the economic needs of both small clinics and the more demanding and specialised requirements of large hospitals and their waste management processes. Our machines can be made fully automated reducing staff exposure to waste and maximising efficiency. With a wealth of logistical expertise, we can install incinerators on-site in almost any country in the world. If required, we will also send Inciner8 engineers to the installation location so you can be up and running as quickly as possible.

incinerator tropicalInciner8 unit in the South Pacific

Inciner8 have been fortunate enough to work with incredible agencies over the past few years such as IAEA in the Seychelles and Pakistan Health Department to provide the ideal solutions to their waste issues and provided them with the optimum incinerators.

We helped combat and minimise biosecurity issues in the Seychelles, by installing animal grade incineration units close to areas that could potentially be at most risk. The IAEA has constantly worked with farmers in this region to combat ongoing soil management to help the local community and used Inciner8 to make the next step into combating these issues once and for all.

The incinerators supplied to the IAEA were our i8-75A Animal Incinerator with a burn rate of up to 65kg per hour. Once delivered our engineers supplied a range of training to the local community to show safe and correct usages of our machines. Following on from the IAEA’s guidance and rigorous training, environmental security is now better than ever in the Seychelles. The incinerators have added safety and future prosperity to the farmers and the Island community.

What Inciner8 can offer you:


Additionally, the following waste streams can be effectively destroyed using our medical-grade incinerators:

General Waste

Animal Waste

Inciner8 has all areas of incineration solutions covered, along with premium manufacturing and great support it has never been a better time to protect you and your community. To learn more and see what incinerators would best suit your needs contact Inciner8 today: Incinerator Machines For Waste Destruction

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