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Whether they are shipped to remote areas around the world as a way of controlling disease, or transported between multiple sites as part of a shared investment, mobile incinerators are the ideal solution for those who need incinerators quickly or for a bespoke requirement.

Inciner8 offers a variety of portable incineration solutions & namely trailer mounted, on-skid mounted and containerised burners. Each of which are best-suited to particular waste management scenarios and categories of waste. They also ensure the highest standards of waste disposal, are extremely durable and have a prolonged working life.

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Our range of mobile incinerators have a unique characteristic, in that their primary chamber conducts a natural second burn of waste. Each mobile incinerator is designed to ensure that extra air is drawn into the main chamber, helping primary combustion to guarantee efficient disposal of animal carcass or other waste, at minimum cost.

Here, we explore our range of mobile incineration units and the different ways in which they might support your day to day operations.

Containerised incinerators

containerised incinerator

Ideal for use in remote locations such as offshore vessels or rigs, barges, hotels, military units or power plants, containerised incinerators are stored within shipping containers. This extends the product’s life by protecting it from the extremities of weather and adding an extra layer of security.

All our standard incinerator models, up to the I8-250, can be installed inside a standard 20ft container. They are delivered pre-installed with an interior light, standard fuel and power connections, and an optional additional fuel tank. They are essentially a plug-and-play facility, capable of being easily relocated in one lift to a new location.

On-skid mounted incinerators

i8-700-Skid mounted incinerator

A skid mount is a method used to distribute and store machinery. For customers requiring a larger model, on-skid, platform-type installation is a viable option.

At the point of manufacture, the incinerator is mounted onto rails, a metal pallet or frame for easy transportation. It is designed in such a way that it can house the whole incinerator and related equipment, including fuel tanks and generator.

This method of transportation adds an extra layer of protection during transit, with a clear operational footprint and modular design for easy integration.

Trailer mounted

mobile trailer mounted incinerator

Trailer-centred transportation can support up to 2,700kg of incinerator product and additional equipment, including generator sets, fuel and more.

The trailer itself has a fixed headboard and sides with the choice of a drop tailboard or a loading ramp, with galvanised chassis, framework and panels for maximum durability. The platform is made of hard wearing, resin-coated high-density plywood, with commercial rated tyres selected for their high carrying capacity and strength.

Trailer mounted incinerators

Trailer mounted incinerators can be used in a variety of sectors, including agriculture and farming, mining camps, disaster zones, shared facilities and emergency situations. They can also feature in drug and contraband disposal, including the destruction of cocaine, heroin, cannabis, spice, MDMA and ketamine.

Trailer mounted incinerators are particularly durable. In fact, one Inciner8 client, based in Bolivia, purchased four trailer mounted i8-75A’s for their narcotics department in 2012. All products are still in use, seven years after purchase.

If any of our mobile incinerators sound suited to your needs, and you’d like to hear more about the individual products available, get in touch with Inciner8 today.

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