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Incinerators are used across the world in a variety of industries, by those who want to destroy their non-recyclable waste safely and effectively.

Inciner8We manufacture a range of incinerators for all applications in waste management such as general waste, medical waste, and animal waste incinerators. All of our incinerators are supplied fully serviced and ready to run, backed by our 1 year warranty and global after-sales specialist support.

It is important to know what type of waste you will be processing before you buy your incinerator. Knowing your waste type will allow us to select the best machine suitable for your waste disposal needs, ensuring you get the most out of your incinerator.

Different types of waste

General waste

rubbishGeneral waste refers to any unwanted refuse material or substance. General waste can consist of materials from community or household activities, such as municipal, domestic, and camp waste. It can also consist of materials from industrial activities such as manufacturing, mining, or agricultural activities.

We actively encourage those generating general waste to recycle as much of this material as possible and use incineration to safely destroy remaining products.

Medical waste

medical wasteBetween 20-25 per cent of waste generated by healthcare establishments is regarded as hazardous waste. Unless it’s destroyed quickly and appropriately, can pose health risks to others using the environment.

Incineration is a proven method of neutralising harmful pathogens in medical waste and we have decades of experience of manufacturing incinerators for this industry. Our machines can be fully automated to reduce staff exposure to waste and maximise efficiency.

Animal waste

hazard animalAnimal waste and by-product which is left untreated poses a significant risk in terms of the spread of infection, viruses and disease. Unless suitably treated, animal waste can poison land and water supplies which make their way into our food. Incineration ensures the biosecurity of animal waste, providing a time and cost-efficient method for agricultural businesses who face the increasing costs of waste collection.

What type of incinerator do I need?

As well as the type of waste you’ll be burning, another important element to consider when purchasing an incinerator is how much waste you will be burning. This will help you decide what capacity incinerator you need for your waste.

We manufacture a range of incinerators with varying capacities, to ensure customers have a wide selection of options available:

The Sirocco

sirocco new collageA truly innovative incinerator, the Sirocco is a fuel free, small and portable incinerator that is suitable for general waste. This machine is a small capacity incinerator, supporting those who want to destroy waste at source in order to remove the risk of onward contamination. The Sirocco never creates smoke or smell.

The i8-75A

I8-75a-transparentThe i8-75A is a medium capacity incinerator from our range of DEFRA Approved’ models. This medium-sized incinerator is suitable for the disposal of game, deer, poultry, sheep and farm waste. The i8-75A can even double up as an effective pet cremation system. It is a more environmentally friendly option, suitable for a range of industries.

The i8-M200

I8-M200-1-MEDThe i8M200 is a large capacity incinerator perfectly suited for disposing of large amounts of hazardous and contaminated waste. This large incinerator is popular for those working in medical and pharmaceutical environments. A second chamber built into the incinerator re-burns any remaining, harmful emissions to reduce its impact on the environment.

Many of our incinerators are also suitable for those handling Coronavirus-infected waste. Use our Coronavirus enquiry form to tell us more about your needs, and one of our incineration experts will be in touch.

Our award winning design team are available to offer their advice and technical expertise to ensure we get your project off the ground without delay. Contact us today for more information.

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