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The animal waste market is one of our largest consumers of quality products and we have supplied thousands of incinerators for a diverse range of purposes. One of the most important sectors is waste management in remote regions such as isolated Islands.

seychellesIn December of last year, INCINER8 were chosen by the IAEA as the supplier for an animal waste incinerator, destined for a country looking to strengthen biosecurity for farmers: The Seychelles.

Animal Waste in the Seychelles

Over the last few years, the IAEA has worked closely with farmers in this region to combat ongoing soil management issues due to the generally interfile environment causing damage to crop yields and the farmers livelihoods

Global Organisations Working Together

Inciner8 have worked successfully with numerous international organisations over the years. The International Atomic Energy Agency are involved in many projects of this kind across the developing world. The main aim is to simply improve the quality of lives in the local communities.

seychellesIt was an honour for INCINER8 to work with such a prestigious agency with the sole intention of bringing effective waste management to a secluded community in need of assistance.

The incinerator supplied was our i8-75A Animal Incinerator with a burn rate of up to 65kg per hour.
Following on from the IAEA’s guidance and rigorous training, environmental security is better than ever in the Seychelles and the addition of an incinerator from INCINER8 adds to the safety and future prosperity of the farmers and the Island community.

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