Invasive Plants Incineration

How the Inciner8 Sirocco tackles Invasive plants head on

Over the last number of years, the UK has been tackling an ever-growing problem with invasive plants. Although these plants have been making headway all over the country for decades there have been more cases over the past 5 years than ever. There are a wide variety of invasive plants throughout the UK and many are fast becoming difficult to manage and can be an expensive burden for homeowners, developers, councils, landlords and railway networks.

C.J Dawick has been an established invasive plant removal business for 8 years, specialising in the removal and destruction of all types of invasive plants as well as landscaping and garden restructuring. They have seen how invasive plants have not only destroyed gardens but houses themselves, although even they admit this is only in very extreme circumstances.

Kent, England
C.J Dawick
Waste Type
Invasive Plants
Solution Supplied
Inciner8 Sirocco

I8-SIROCCO General Incinerator

Their business relies on them being able to remove and destroy invasive plants on-site due to new regulations to reduce any chance of contamination and their machine of choice has been the Inciner8 Sirocco. They have used the Sirocco for over 14 months to help destroy all types of plants with great success. The Sirocco was chosen by them due to its great versatility and the fact it can be easily transported from one site to another with ease. It also requires no fuel, just an ignition source and the high grade air fan modulates the burn from there. This means that they can be up and running in less than 5 minutes, requires no preheating and with no fuel, it is safe to be transported in the back of a van or pickup to any desired location.

They stated that the Sirocco has exceeded their expectations in the waste it combats waste, it burns it at a rate much higher than they thought would be possible. The Sirocco has been designed to be capable of dealing with such large amounts of waste and the efficiency of the Sirocco means waste is reduced to as little as 3% of its initial volume.

This all this in mind it is easy to see why they choose the Sirocco as their incinerator of choice to deal with invasive plants. It is easy to transport, features a heavy-duty construction and crucially it users a furl free design to burn its waste. This means it is extremely cheap to operate and safe to transport.

“Over the past year, we have used the Sirocco countless times when dealing with invasive plants all over southern England. The machine has withstood everything we have thrown at it with ease. The main reason we bought the Sirocco was its fuel-free design which means we will be saving so much money on fuel every year, which ultimately means more profit.”

Chris Dawick, managing director

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