Mining waste in Greenland

Mining in Greenland, an untapped source.

Minerals such as Uranium and Titanium are now being mined in Greenland, a previously untapped source of minerals. Inciner8 have been on hand to provide essential waste solutions that can be moved when not in use to meet local legislation.

Due to these seasonal conditions in Greenland, the project teams have a limited amount of time in which they can be operational, INCINER8 can ship and install large scale incinerators to remote locations to fit around the demanding environment and limited timescales that the mining project teams can face. The teams can then move into their camps where they will live for months at a time, with a robust solution to dispose of any municipal waste and their hazardous work materials in the safest way possible.

Explorative Mining Teams
Waste Type
Mining & general camp waste
Solution Supplied
I8 20 S 1 GEN

I8-20S General Incinerator

In the mining industry there are strict regulations in place in regard to waste disposal. INCINER8 works closely with the team to establish the specific needs and requirements ensuring that the most suitable solution is found, providing ‘Quick and precise feedback to questions’, says Rasmus Christensen, Senior Geologist at exploration Services Greenland. The model supplied for this project, the i8-20S, has the benefit of being able to burn a wide variety of materials in the one solution, due to its top loading design. It is small and easy to maintain which makes it perfect for operations such as this.

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“For average household waste we could burn 30-50kg/hrs, but when burning waste from the drill rigs with a lot of scrap wood, plastics and oil soaked rags burn rates were much slower as the energy rich waste had to be burned in very small batches to keep temperature from getting too high, but in general the system worked well.”

Rasmus Christensen, Senior Geologist

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