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A fascinating insight into the growth and future plans of Inciner8. Vince Ferguson talks about how the business grew from humble beginnings and how it is now a Double Queen’s Award Winner in 2016. Features discussions on our recent contract wins in Egypt, Syria and the Lebanon, and also looks at the humanitarian work we have undertaken in areas such as Liberia (Ebola), Sierra Leone and Ethiopia. It also touches on the fast growth of a new sector of the business: Waste to Energy Incinerators.  Click here to read the full article  You can also read a more updated article from Manufacturing Today here. There is a Better way…. We have always worked to this belief, and now we can see real improvements in how waste is managed on a global scale. We still have a long way to go, but with more support from local governments and support agencies we can ensure that proper waste disposal and destruction facilities are available to all.

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