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vet loansApproximately 80% of the 1.2 million pets who die each year in the UK are cremated & and this number is rising. The loss of a pet is a difficult time for family members, and more people are taking the time to research the best ways to say their final goodbyes.

There is a significant lack of burial spaces for larger pets, while the process of burial itself poses the risk of decomposing carcasses infecting nearby land and water. Increasingly, people want to keep the memory of their lost pet closer to home so are opting for cremation services, which replicate the human equivalent when it comes to sending their beloved animal to the pearly gates.

For established veterinary practices, or those looking to enter the industry for the first time, offering pet cremation can prove a lucrative opportunity which also allows you to be part of the most poignant part of a pet owner’s life.

Is Pet Cremation Profitable?

Though investing in a pet cremation system will require a large, upfront cost, the return on investment will be quick once your new business is up and running.

The amount you charge per cremation depends on the size and the weight of the animal being cremated. Below is a table that shows the average price for certain types of pets.

Larger animals such as horses would require larger incinerators. See our suitable horse/ equine incinerators here.

pet cremation table

Additional Services To Your Pet Cremation Business

jewelleryAside from the cremation services, there are a range of ways to make you pet cremation business more profitable.

Since the cremation process renders the remains into ashes, there are a number of products and services that have stemmed from this process. For example, wearable ashes are becoming more popular for those who want to seal their beloved pets ashes into glass pendants for necklaces or bracelet charms.

Another additional service is plantable remains where the ashes are used in the germination and growth of plant or tree seeds.

There is also the option of selling urns and keepsake ash caskets as an added service for extra revenue.

Pet Crematory Equipment

Once seen as a complex, legislature-filled industry, establishing a pet cremation service has been made a more accessible option due to an increase in pet incinerators which meet national guidelines on the practice. Pet cremation equipment comes in a variety of sizes and formats to ensure it can be operated from multiple premises & from a small unit on a business park, to a rural small holding or a larger facility, like an equine farm.

We manufacture the i8-PC1 small pet cremator, which is perfect for pet crematoriums that are just starting up. It has a capacity of 150 litres which is suitable for cremating domestic pets including medium sized dogs.


The i8-PC2 medium pet cremator is our most popular model of pet cremation systems with a high capacity loading chamber and cylindrical cremation chamber for increased efficiency.

The i8-PC2 is also the only model in our range which is self-contained with a rear access door, consisting of a mounted control panel and integrated fuel tank which provides a quick and easy on-site installation process without any electrical wiring.

How Do I Start a Pet Crematory Business?

Ahead of purchasing an Inciner8 pet cremation service, it will be important for us to understand where you want to practice; urban vets face different restrictions to rural vets, meaning different solutions will be needed.

Certain things need to be considered before you decide to purchase your incinerator.

Choosing Your Site

Choosing a suitable site for your pet crematorium is essential for being granted permission for your incinerator. Sites in built up areas will have a difficult time in getting permission compared to sites in rural areas. Even though the emissions released from cremating animals is very minute, the local authorities and environmental agencies still have to take the local public into consideration.


Legal requirements for planning permission must also be considered. For pet cremation, planning permission is not usually required providing that the land or property is already registered for this use.

Where an incinerator is used for the burning of animal by-products such as carcasses, planning permission is not required as long as less than 50kg of waste is being burnt per hour.

More information on permission for incineration can be found here.

How Can We Help

For veterinary practices looking to expand their services, or for anyone who is unsure about taking the plunge into Pet Cremation, we have experts in the Inciner8 team who can offer advice and guidance on legislation and the best options and starting points for your pet crematory.

Access our FREE Pet Cremation Business Plan

We know that starting up a business can be daunting, so Inciner8 have a completely free Pet Cremation Business Plan available packed full of useful information and templates to help get you started. All you have to do is fill out the form for your free copy of the Business Plan.

If you have and questions or require further information about our Pet Cremation Incinerators please contact us today.

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