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Being at the forefront of waste management, we see first-hand what impact great waste solutions can have on businesses and small communities.

Here at Inciner8 we don’t believe incinerating all waste is the best practice. We promote and believe in recycling and reusing before ever considering to incinerate. We believe that creating and using products that can be recycled or simply reused is fundamental to the success of our planet. What we do know, however, is that we live in a world where some waste can not be recycled or reused and incinerating it is simply the only option for a safer environment – an environment that protects its land and its inhabitants.

Sweden Copper Mine

Mining & Oil industries are a great example of this. Companies within these industries often venture out to new locations to perform exploration tests to see if the area is of commercial interest and viable as a new site. These teams can consist of a large number of individuals and a considerable amount of equipment. As you can imagine this creates a lot of waste, waste which needs to be either recycled, reused or incinerated before leaving.

Our waste solutions conquer the latter and hopefully the smallest amount of waste within the site. This is waste that can be damaging to the environment or cause health risks to humans. It can consist of a wide variety of waste types such as medical waste, hazardous material waste, sanitary waste and domestic waste to name just a few. The idea of removing this waste is solely to protect the local environment, reduce any chances of waste spillage and keep members of staff and any local communities safe.

With companies now pushing one another to leave no trace and promote a responsible policy of business it has left us with a huge increase in the production of portable waste solutions. Our waste solutions have been designed from the ground up to be extremely secure and weather-resistant. Our containerised incinerators have a wide range of advantages for businesses looking to leave no trace – low running costs, impressive burn rates and simple operation.

What’s more, containerised units have the benefit of being fully lockable, this means they can be used as secondary storage lockers, protecting other equipment from the elements.

How containerised incinerators can save you money

Little or no commissioning process

Normal permanent waste solutions would typically require a commissioning process. This is to make sure the area is not only safe for the incinerator but is capable of handling it from a structural standpoint. This not only adds time but can in some cases add considerable costs to your overall plan, a containerised option removes most of these issues thus speeding up planning time and letting your business get on with the waste issues as soon as you’re ready.

containerised incinerator

Reduced installation costs

Because the whole unit is built into a container then there is virtually no installation costs or time, this means location after location it is quick, simple and easy to get up and running. Installation costs can not only be expensive but in remote locations, it can also be difficult logistically, containerised units remove these issues altogether. Once commissioned, you simply unload the container, open the doors and connect to a power supply and you are effectively ready to go, it really is that simple.

Transport costs

Incinerators are substantial pieces of equipment that can cost a considerable amount to ship. Containerised units are not by any means small but they are uniform in size and are globally accepted ISO sizes. This means they can be cost-effectively shipped when compared to other alternatives – that potentially have to be broken down into multiple units for shipment. After commissioning they can easily be placed onto trucks and used as a mobile incinerator if your business desires that option.

Our waste solutions are truly capable of helping push for a better future, they may only seem like small steps but if everyone achieves these simple but crucial steps then future generations can flourish and we can bring climate change back to safe levels.

Find out how an incinerator would help your business achieve its waste solution goals by calling us on 0044 1704 884020 or email our expert sales advisors on the contact us page where they will be more than happy to discuss your options. Incinerators can not only help a company be more ethical with its waste but they can also save you money with expensive waste collection but they can also help manage your waste more efficiently and reduce harmful waste getting processed incorrectly.

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