Inciner8 Supply Camp Waste Solutions to Mining Camps in Africa

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40ft Containerization incineratorIn the mining industry there are strict regulations in place in regard to camp waste disposal. Inicner8 work closely with mining companies to establish the specific needs and requirements and ensure that the most suitable solution is found.

As with any camp community, waste disposal is a constant challenge. Mining camps are often based in remote, hard to reach locations which can prove to be difficult when disposing of waste. Since collection and recycling services are not available, other solutions are needed.

Endeavour Mining

Endeavour Mining are a premier African gold producer who operate mainly in Burkina Faso and Cote d’lvoire. Endeavour Mining have one of the largest portfolios is West Africa, with a total of seven mines currently in operation and more potential development projects.

Inciner8 have supplied Endeavour Mining with multiple units over the years. A 40ft containerised i8-200 with an added Venturi Gas Scrubber was purchased by Endeavour Mining to be used as part of the waste management plan in various mines in Cote d’lvoire. The containerisation of this system allows the unit to become completely mobile and can be easily moved from site to site, allowing waste to be disposed of safely wherever required.

Mining and processing plant

The second unit we provided was an i8-700G located in Burkina Faso to be used in the Hounde Mine, for disposing of general camp waste and small amounts of medical waste. The i8-700G is one of our largest machines designed to process high quantities of waste. Our secondary chambers retain gas for 2 seconds keeping them in line with the most stringent of compliance guidelines globally.

Endeavour mining are committed to building strong relationships with the communities at the heart of their operations. Incineration is a solution that helps both the temporary and permanent communities involved. Managing waste on-site means that there are no build-ups of waste over time and therefore sites can be clean and safe to work in.

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