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In a country where over 10% live under the poverty line, having effective medical waste management solutions in place can be tricky and ultimately expensive. In Indonesia, many medical facilities do not have access to on-site waste disposal and recently some Government backed initiatives have commissioned large facilities for collecting and disposing of large volumes of medical waste safely.

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When we were contacted to supply a high capacity medical incinerator for disposing of waste generated by various hospitals, clinics, health-care centres and laboratories, we were pleased to offer our most advanced i8-700 Medical Incinerator with a completely automatic loading procedure.

Since the required machine needs to incinerate up Features & Benefits to 5 tonnes per day of various types of medical waste, only the highest quality of products would do and the I8-M700 medical waste incinerator meets all requirements of the operators including the continuous loading system, which is operated by hydraulic rams. This piece of technology allows medical waste to be incinerated safety within the combustion chamber without any risk of ‘flashing’ which can be caused by flammable waste igniting instantly and can be dangerous for the operators.

With the addition of INCINER8’s automatic loading system, there is no abundant risk and the equipment can be operated with maximum safety to the operators without compromising on performance.

Location: Indonesia, SE Asia
Client: Private Waste Management Company
Waste Type: Medical Waste & Bio-hazards
Incinerator Supplied: i8-M700 with Auto-loader Model

Features & Benefits

  • Continuous operation
  • 2 second retention time at 850ºC
  • High capacity chamber
  • Streamlines medical waste management

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