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Back in 2012 Simon Reeve. A BBC journalist, covering the growing waste epidemic in the Maldives called this island Apocalyptic’. Shocking scenes of MSW (Municipal Solid Wastes) just falling off the sides of an island so overloaded that the landfill site had become a waste mountain.

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According to official statistics, a single tourist produces 3.5kg of garbage a day, twice as much as someone from Malia and five times more than anyone from the rest of the Maldives archipelago. Altogether, that comes to 300 to 400 tons of trash dumped on the island every day, according to Shina Ahmed, administration manager of the Thilafushi Corporation that runs the island.

Inciner8 have been in consultation with a regional company on the provision and commission of 7 of our i8-700G large capacity waste incinerators. These will be used to reduce the growing mountains of waste currently being stored in landfill facilities around Thiafusha. Over the next 3 years, this problem is expected to rise exponentially across the Indian Ocean unless something fundamental is done to address the sheer volume of waste. Incineration will help with this – just the incineration process alone will reduce the volume of waste (down to just 3% of its’ original size in most cases).

ocean apartThe energy created from the combustion process could in the future be used for cleaning, heating or even electricity generation projects on nearby islands by using heat exchanger technology.

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