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Here is a list of 10 useful tips for pre-processing of medical waste to get the best from your waste management process.

  1. Segregate wastes at the source to minimize the volume of actual regulated medical waste (RMW).
  2. Isolate RMW that must be incinerated; depending on local regulations, at least a small portion of biohazardous waste, including sharps, may have to be incinerated.
  3. Include pathological wastes and wastes contaminated with small amounts of chemotherapy substances.
  4. Minimize the quantity of PVC plastics, products, and packaging that are going to incineration.
  5. Recycle plastics to the maximum extent possible.
  6. Do not incinerate mercury wastes, including spill cleanup material.
  7. Manage CFC-containing wastes separately from incineration wastes.
  8. Do not include acetone or acetates as these may ‘flash’ under certain conditions
  9. If waste has high moisture content (over 40%) drying the waste first will dramatically improve efficiency.
  10. Ensure all correct PPE is used by ALL operators and ensure waste is correctly bagged prior to incineration.
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