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Animal Farm In ScotlandPig farms, butchers, farm shops, pig breeders, abattoirs, small-holdings and ABP rendering plants are some of the places that could benefit from an agricultural incinerator or our specially designed pig incinerators.

The incineration process contributes to the bio security of the location while also cutting down on the cost of handling the waste and making operations more efficient. It is also recognised that destruction of fallen livestock at source is the preferred and safest solution to prevent the spread of disease. Pig and sow incinerators can also benefit from technology that uses the high calorie fat produced from the carcasses as a fuel in itself, reducing the volume of the external fuel source used and thus lowering the overall running costs.

Pig incinerators are designed to be used for pig waste and animal by-products and users should choose a machine that is compliant with the EU regulations on animal by-products and is DEFRA approved such as the Inciner8 models. The incinerators can also be used for general waste, reducing the need for third party handling of the waste stream and are the preferred method for disposal of carcasses in the case of an outbreak of disease. Full destruction of the carcass is obtained through a system that reaches the 850c temperature for two seconds, as specified by DEFRA, and the specialist construction of the units ensures that they are not compromised by the fats and oils produced by the pig incineration process.

Oregon State Fair pigs

The cost of incineration of a pig carcass is less than a third of the average cost of having the carcass collected for disposal, making the purchase of an incinerator more cost effective, particularly when purchasing a high quality machine from Inciner8, manufacturers of world class incineration systems. Different models are available for small scale incineration requirements of less than 50kg per hour, through to large capacity machines for multi carcass or complex waste disposal and energy recovery needs.

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