Game waste management & why incineration is the answer

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Each year the game shooting season sees thousands of animals shot. Those taking part make their best efforts to incur clean bullet wounds, so that carcasses can be processed for human consumption or be sold.

Despite this, it is inevitable that some animals will be unfit for either of these purposes. When this occurs, gamekeepers have a legal obligation to dispose of the animal remains responsibly.

pheasantIt is illegal to improperly bury game carcasses or dispose of them in landfills. This is due to the potential for them to pollute and infect the land and groundwater. This could be transmitted into food and drink consumed by humans and other animals.

Standards given by The British Game Alliance clearly state that game which is unfit for consumption must be disposed of in one of two ways:

  • Collection, by a member of the National Fallen Stock Company or via an Approved and Registered Animal By-Products Plant, or,
  • Incineration, using a DEFRA-approved incinerator

Why incineration is the best method of disposal.

outdoor incineratorThe cost of working with a registered disposal contractor to pick up your game waste and take it to be burned is increasing. Prices for saleable game birds have also reduced by 50-60 per cent in the last six years. Simply trying to be a responsible gamekeeper abiding by the law is therefore becoming an expensive matter.

Instead, you should consider purchasing your own game incinerator. Investing into your own incinerator eliminates the transportation costs associated with collection. Your incinerator will be located on your site and readily available for you to manage your animal waste.

Game waste incinerators also reduce the amount of time the carcasses are stored on your premises. As a result this makes your site cleaner and the whole disposal process more economical.

Why choose INCINER8?

ManufacturingInciner8 offers a selection of DEFRA-approved game incinerators, in various sizes to suit any operation, from a large-scale hunting lodge to a small independent shoot.

We can meet any budget and waste capacity. Our incinerators come in both oil and gas-fired options to be easily operated with no large overheads.

Furthermore, our Waste to Energy procedures mean we can use your game waste to generate electricity, hot air and hot water.

All our game incinerators are supplied fully serviced and ready to run. They are also backed up by our one-year warranty and global after sales support.

ManufacturingTo find out more information on our game incinerators, contact us now to speak to one of our experts.

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