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Inciner8 offers a bespoke design service that lets our clients build fully customised incineration solutions to address any waste issues they face within their business. This is particularly useful where a standard off-the-shelf model doesn’t meet requirements and the system needs to be integrated into existing waste processes or fit in a pre-built structure.

When choosing to go down the bespoke route, our team of advisors and engineers will discuss your current problems and what the proposed best solution would be. These options can include changes to layouts, fuel burners, addition of containers, and custom control panels. These changes are all designed in house by our engineering department and are rigorously tested by our technicians before final approval.

Why choose a bespoke system?

Having a bespoke system is important for certain clients as they would not be able to achieve their goals with a normal configuration. This could be due to several reasons such as location, spacing issues, fuel source or how they plan to load the waste. By eliminating these issues, we allow our clients to continue with their current layout and allow our system to be seamlessly fitted into their day-to-day operations.

Waste analysis

Understanding the raw elements that make up any given waste stream allow us to specify the right pre-combustion processes and any required pollution controls to burn waste effectively.

Calorific value

Some waste types have low calorific values – meaning there is less potential thermal energy when burnt. In extreme cases we may advise you to mix the waste with another more combustible waste type to maximise throughput.

Moisture content

If the waste to be incinerated is a liquid or has a naturally high moisture content, our engineers may suggest alternative pre-treatments to dry the waste out. With some models we can use heat recovery to re-circulate the heat from the primary chamber to a drying room or chamber.

Who uses bespoke incinerators?

Our bespoke systems are used by companies in a wide range of sectors such as in the Mining industry, Humanitarian response and Construction. Modifications include changes to layouts, fuel burners, containers, control panels and loading methods. These changes are all designed in house by our engineering department and are rigorously tested by our technicians before final approval.

We have already commissioned a range of bespoke systems that are currently in operation. Our team has a wealth of experience in delivering these projects successfully and on time. Due to the extended design and testing required these systems naturally take longer to be manufactured. On average they take an additional 3-4 weeks over our normal lead times for standard products.

Our bespoke service allows for systems to be designed from the ground up to solve the unique challenges faced by our customers. Designed to meet or exceed client’s expectations and allow them to operate the most efficient incinerator system possible.


Our bespoke systems in operation

Bespoke designs will naturally incur an increased cost over our standard range however this extra initial investment can be a very cost-effective option over the longer term.

Waste-oil incinerators

This project helped our clients use an alternate fuel source (waste oil) that was cheap and readily available in their region. Due to the extra-large size of these burners, modifications were made to the combustion chamber and container where the incinerator was to be located. Day-to-day operational costs of the system were significantly less – and over time made the overall investment more profitable.

There are multiple different options when choosing which fuel source is most appropriate for you, we have a page that discusses your options HERE.


Small-scale incineration plants

bespokeOur engineers developed this compact solution that features an autoloader and venturi scrubber system all contained within a single 40ft ISO container. This system lets our client tackle waste types & volumes that would have previously been impossible. This is the exact reason our bespoke service was created. Containerised incinerators are becoming increasingly popular due to their great versatility and the in-built safely and security stored inside them when not in operation. There are a wide range of benefits to containerization that can be found HERE.

These types of projects show the benefits of our bespoke service and how they have helped a range of our clients in delivering the best systems for their needs. All our systems provide effective and efficient incineration, but a bespoke system allows these benefits to be seamlessly integrated into the day to day operations when you have specific needs.

If you believe you would benefit from one of our bespoke systems, please click HERE or alternatively you can contact our experienced advisors on +44 1704 884020

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