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Livestock incinerators can eradicate infectious diseases from your farm & save you money on waste disposal

- Hamish tackles your top questions head-on...

1) Price, how much is it going to cost me?

Typically, our animal waste incinerators start from just £12,100.00, which can pale in comparison to annual animal waste disposal costs AND we offer a price match promise on incinerators made in the UK and to the same high-quality standards. We can quickly explore the right machine and cost for you together if you contact us armed with your preferred fuelling type (gas or diesel), waste volume and type so we can advise which is the perfect fit for controlling your farm waste.

2) How many animals/what animals is it suitable for?

Upon selecting an incinerator – size is essential and considered upon the volume of animals. All our incinerators are Defra approved which determines you can only burn a maximum of 50 kgs per hour.

Our chambers are concrete thermal insulated to allow round-the-clock burn so in theory you could burn 1.2 tons in a 24-hour period, or (more realistically) just over half a ton of animal waste in a 12-hour day…which is still shorter than an average working day for livestock farming! Our incinerators are perfect for the safe disposal of all types of fallen animal stock including rodents, poultry, domestic pets, pigs, sheep and cattle.

3) How quickly can we get a unit?

Lightning fast and we challenge you to find a faster lead time of a high-quality ISO9001, Defra-approved UK-manufactured Incinerator!

Our average standard animal incinerators have a lead time of just 2-4 weeks. If you choose bespoke options and customise the machine, this can take a little longer possibly 4-8 weeks however it’s always worth the wait!

4) How much to deliver and install?

Depending on your location and the incinerator size, within the UK our delivery is usually no more than what you would pay for a loaded pallet to the site. We are very flexible though and you can arrange for your own transportation provider to collect from our manufacturing facility in Sunny Southport, Merseyside. Installation (if included in your quote) can then be carried out at a pre-arranged time of your convenience shortly after delivery, this also includes the first fire- up your incinerator to complete the curing process of our specially designed concrete-lined chambers. This along with the oil fuelling and electrical connection can cost as little as £499 and is always included as standard in your initial quotation to safely supply and install your very own Inciner8 waste management solution.

5) How much fuel does it take to run/operating costs? (Is it cheaper than my current method?)

This will save you time and money compared to hiring a third party to take it away.

Once we have decided on the right incinerator for you along with your estimated waste volume and frequency of incinerator use, we can estimate your running costs specifically. Considering fuelling costs and offsetting that against the savings made by no longer paying for a third party to take away the waste, it’s also worth looking at the potential earnings of processing other people’s animal waste. We also have trailer-mounted options if you want to take this mobile. That aside. you will, however, be very pleased to know that our farming incinerators are extremely cost and fuel efficient. Our incinerators only consume fuel for the initial preheating (around 51 litres of red diesel / industrial heating oil) Intermittent fuel is then drawn by the burners thereafter to maintain temperature, this can typically range from 0 to 17 litres per hour. (Subject to the volume and calorific value of your waste stream).

6.) Do I need a permit to operate the machine?

No, your waste is classed as an exempt waste stream; permits are not required. Simply complete the application and inspection form for approval to incinerate Animal By-Products, the permit application is pretty straightforward forward and there is lots of useful information on how to complete it and gain approval on the DEFRA website. For an incinerator to be used legally within the UK it must be listed in the ‘Approved ABP Incinerator List’ and rest assured our range is registered right here, ticking the first box in your approval process.

Pet Caurosel Incinerator

Sample of our product range

Start your journey with us. Reach out to us here at Inciner8 and find out how this could let you take back control of your waste (and potentially start a fresh income stream processing others’ waste) by contacting me at the number or email address below

Hamish Farmer – Direct Sales Manager

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